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Seems to be the pattern that after meals Shea has half an hour of madness, running round and being a right little devil. Do others have this experience with pups?

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We call it the wall of death too, always when she is tired rather than after food. It's almost like a toddler playing up because she doesn't want to go to bed. After a few crazy laps of the lounge she bounces onto her bed, pawing at it to get it just right and then completely conks out. She is 6 months old next week and I do hope she grows out of it as I think she is going to do herself a mischief one of these days.
you ought to see a l litter of 10 or more doing that after their last meal of the day when you want them to be doing last poos so that you can clean them up and go to bed!
I call it the funny fives and Reuben usually does it in the evening before settling for the night! My cat watches in disgust with the expression of "you idiot"
And I call it the evening zoomies. Zooming all over and now that Cash can get on the beds he jumps up and down running with toys all over the place. Then he settles down to chew a bone for a bit.
Yes experiencing at lot of crazy play after meals with the 9 pups, but not my adults (they just go to sleep)!!!!




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