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Anyone interested in meeting up for a Setter get together :) We are based in Downings, Co. Donegal but are willing to travel for a few hours. If we make it a good beach area we could bring the rig and if people wanted to try some mushing they could. Depends on how hot it is though.



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That's great Finn, it would be good to meet up again. Yes we will be at the Game Fair in Offaly at the end of August.
Love the idea but i live in Holland , not so closeby .

This might be something for you:-)

25 september

Regio Noord-Oost
Locatie: Gaslocatie bij Grijpskerk
Verzamelen: 12.45 uur bij de informatieborden aan de Waardweg (N388)
Route: vanaf de Friese straatweg bij de stoplichten bij Grijpskerk naar het

Noorden rijden, de Waardweg op richting Lauwerszijl/Zoutkamp. De gaslocatie

vindt u na 2 kilometer aan de rechterkant van de weg.
Start wandeling: 13.00 uur

helaas andere plannen


How does the 21st suit everyone?
I will be travelling home from Kerry on the 21st, so I will have to wait for another meet up;o)) But those of you going, have a great time;o)
I won't be in the country then either!!! My boy would be a natural mushing I reckon!!!!!! Carmel could vouch for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Travis has speed, strength and determination in bucketfuls;o))) He says "HI" to you Kay and is enjoying his time with his new girlfriend Robyn(Labrador)xx Love is in the air here!!

7th of August then?

Wish I could, but babysitting granddaughter on 7th;o) It will be end of Sept. before I can go anywhere!!;o))
Darn 7th August doesn't suit I forgot we had other arrangements. I also have the clubs AGM 1st week in September. Maybe we should leave it till September?




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