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For all of you that wash and groom your own dogs can I ask what is the best shampoo to use on our beautiful reds

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I am a groomer but I never used shampoo on my own dogs ;-)

Plenty of answers on this subject so far. One question for all who replied, what is the reason for washing your dogs with shampoo? Like I said, I never used shampoo on my own dogs. I let them swim everywhere and when they came home a little muddy I let them dry up without using a blow dryer. When they are dry the mud will fall out of there coats and all I need is a vacuum cleaner. My dogs never smelled bad and always had a clean coat!

I do use shampoo on my doggy clients, the shampoo I use is Jean Peau Velcote and I mix the shampoo in a plastic bottle with water. The doggy clients I wash are usually filthy because they where over washed and smelled bad.

Astrid my dog is in the woods everyday.  It is filthy and muddy often.  He is splattered underneath with more than just dirt.  Rodents, deer and other critters share the space and I can't imagine not using shampoo on him.  He is neutered and the coat does need extra care to look better.  I seriously can't imagine a dog who is out and about in nature not getting cleaned up.  Just rinsing won't get even the twigs and little burrs off of him and his feathers would take some breaking if I only brushed him up without it first being clean.  I meet people who tell me they have never given their dog a bath!  I am rather surprised by that.  Even if I am doing it all wrong, I know that I will not stop giving Cash a bath when he needs it.  

Great idea, the ketchup bottle!! Must remeber that one - and clean it before use :-))

I have used Pantene for many years now....and my 'kids' are always smelling nice...I use the Volumiser Shampoo. Used to use the Ice Shine, but the Volumiser give just that bit more body...but do alternate them every now and then.

I like some others here have 'bed' dogs..so they are always clean and smell nice....

Good tip Tracy must try that

Over the years I have tryed all manner of shampoos and have spent a lot of money on them.


Then I tryed my own mix.

Clear liquid antibacterial soap and white vineger.

This is so cheap smells amazing (not like a chip shop) gets rid  of bad smells ie foxs poo.

Also good for itchy skin, minor abrasions.

No wet dog smell. Leaves the coat looking clean and healthy.


I save old shampoo bottles and mix half soap and half vineger shake well and that is it.

But you must be careful of eyes.

Dont think I would use any thing else now.

I love Pet Head shampoo.  It is like I finally found one that is made by a human company Bed Head and actually foams on contact with the water and rinses quickly and easily.  I have tried so many shampoos over the years and never been happy with them.  This smells great and never has caused any dryness or irritation.  And it is tear free.  I use Pantene conditioner and mainly just on the feathers.  I really work that in well because it keeps me from having to deal with matting or tangles.  I do bath in the non winter months about once a month.  I love a clean dog and mine loves dirt of all kinds.  If he sleeps on the beds and couches he will be clean!  I tried just rinsing him with water and the tub water turns completely black which means his coat is carrying around all that dirt and I am sorry but that just won't do!  I read that it is totally fine to bath often and for dogs with allergies that bathing them weekly can really help with that since they are covered in allergens during the fall and spring.  If my dog was very dry and flaky I would cut back and once the deep freeze hits, he stays rather clean since the ice and snow cover up all the muck for a couple months.  I won't bath him if I feel he will get chilled. 

Thank you all for your replies I don't show my dogs but still like them to look nice and like most of you they lie on the bed and the couch. Sophie isn't to bad if she gets mucked up while in the park she goes for a swim but Shannon wont go into the water and she rolls in everything . At the moment I'm using Magic Coat natural oatmeal shampoo and conditioner .  

Please don't be shocked ladies but I have often used Fairy washing up liquid and followed it up with a good quality conditioner.  The Fairy Liquid is a very good disinfectant and bugs hate it!!  I, like Tracy, have used Main and Tail products and conditioning sprays for horses.  They bring the coat up a treat.

Incidentally Tracy mentioned tomato ketchup.  This has often been recommended for getting rid of fox poo.  It kills the smell and cleans the coat.  Just shake it on and towel it off.  Have never tried it myself but am assured it works.

I can agree with that Sue.  I also have found Fairy Liquid to be a lot more gentle than some of the stuff the vet had given me for skin problems, including flea shampoos and yet it works as well as a flea shampoo!!

Appleblossom.....smells wonderful. 

Wasn't there an advert about the hands that do dishes can be soft as your face................

I am showing my age!!!




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