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Hello all,

Please excuse me posting this, but I wanted to express yet again how amazing these dogs are.

A lot of you in the UK may have heard the news last night of a little girl who was killed by a ball at school yesterday.  That little girl was Leonie Nice, and I taught her all of last year.  The whole school community has been devastated at this tragic accident, and yesterday when I got home I was in complete shock.

Who should come to greet me but my wonderful red - and rather than being his bouncy mad self, he sensed my sadness and just came and sat with me and would not leave my side all night long, even resulting in him sleeping with his head on my foot, just to make sure I was okay.

So I wanted to say thank you to my wonderful Ollie for yet again being there for me - and I wanted to pay tribute to a beautiful little girl who was taken from us so young and so tragically.  As a teacher you are in Loco Parentis for 6 hours a day and, whilst it is incomparable to losing your own child, you still grieve and feel a terrible loss and sadness.  Leonie was a wonderful, caring, funny girl who had lots of friends - in fact often girls squabbling over who would get to be friends with her 'the most'.  She was courteous, humble and bright, and had a beautiful singing voice that we knew would have made her famous one day because the first time she opened her mouth and sang we all got shivers down our spine.  It was a privilige to have taught you Leonie and I wish your family the greatest of love and support and this most terrible time.


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And so say all of us, Nicky.

RIP Leonie, may God love you and bless you.

My thoughts are with Leonie's Mum and Dad. As a Mother I can't help but think how I might feel, and pray I never find out. To my own daughters, Alex and Lauren, I love you.x


Dawn R.


Wonderful Ollie, being so sensitive to your distress Nicky. A wonderful connection. The connection you have with your students and their families is also special. I hope the school community can quietly help ease the pain of Leonie's extended family too.

So very sad to hear the news of Leonie - so difficult to believe that a little girl is not coming home from school. I can not Imagine the parents distress - much love to all of them. Bless your little Ollie for looking out for you xx

My thoughts are with you and Leonie's family ,friends,and the school community.

A tragedy that could not be foreseen.

May I also add my grief for all those young and old Belgian lives lost in the carnage of the coach crash in Switzerland .Words cannot express what I feel for all the parents,the schools and everyone touched by this horrendous event.

Hi Nicky

We are also from Basildon and it has completely shook everyone my friends daughter has gone through school life with Leonie and was there when it happened....so so sad..

Our Irish do sense how we feel and are very sensitive..just what you need in these sad times...We dont own them they own us..lol



RIP Leonie, reading that tragic story on the internet brought a tear to my eye. Ollie you are a wonderful Irish to be so sensitive to your mums needs, makes us all realise why we love this gorgeous breed

So sorry to hear this news Nicky, my heartfelt sympathies to you. RIP little Leone - such sad news for her family, friends and teachers. Ollie, what an intuitive red star you are.




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