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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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I can almost hear the peaceful deep breathing coming from this photo!!!
yes they do , the eldest sleeps beside the bed but the other two in the middle , that is why we do not have children..............!
Interesting method of birth control!!;o))
I bet that the pope would like this one! :-)
Ha, ha, ha!

And we do not need to blame it on the headaches...
What does it mean: allowing. For my setters it doesn't work (sometimes or especially for Bajka). I remember first night with Bajka. In the evening she lied down modestly in the end of bed on the edge of quilt, and in the morning I woke up frozen, strangly bent, suffering horibble backbone and neck ache with a corner of quilt on me. So I'm not very enthusiastic to that idea.
But my opinion is not decidive;)))
Actually Pika is allowed to, but only wants to sleep there when I am not in it. She has her own couch and finds it more comfortable. But when I am at work she does sleep in my bed.

my old setter was like this. he would always sleep in my bed but only when i was not in it. he would get up and move right away if i would climb in. We had another bed right next to mine for him to sleep in ;)
He would also pull down all the covers and leave them in the middle of the room if i would be even half hour late coming back home from school.... just to show his displeasure with me :)))
some photos from my "sleeping" collection, just for you :-)

Comfort personified!!! ;0))
great photos, just like our place, there's nothing like their company is there

Drawing in one of my books...showing what you let yourself in for...




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