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It is with enormous sorrow that I write this. I had to put my baby down this morning. Dublin been having bad stomach problems from the potassium bromide he was on that were controlling very nicely his seizures. He has had runny stools for over a week and I saw both our vet and called the neuro about it. They didn't react quickly enough I am afraid to say because he woke today vomitting blood. He was trembling in pain and I rushed him to the vet and insisted they do the pancreatitis blood work. She didn't understand why I insisted on this test FIRST. I know that the drug he was on can cause it. She should have read more! Anyway he did have it and it had caused several ulcers hence the bleeding. He was in so much pain I just died. I ended his suffering earlier than some might think but I knew we couldn't afford all that was needed to be done today alone. Ultrasounds, IV and at least a week in the hospital let alone they had to stop his drugs and then start all over again with newer more expensive human drugs to try to control his seizures. And they said he would probably need surgery for the ulcers. I am pissed that money or lack of it meant he couldn't get a chance to survive but the end result is that he wasn't going to well even if I did have the money. He was suffering and I just couldn't do it anymore. I just didn't have 4 or 5 thousand dollars laying around. My household is devestated and my best friend is gone and I am so empty and I do not know how to go on without him here. He was only two but it felt like he had touched so so many people. Not a dry eye at the vets office and I have no idea how to tell all his friends at the dog park. He was just this huge presence in so many people's lives. My favorite breed, and I am afraid to get another one. But I don't think I can live without one either. Sigh.....sorry if I bummed anyone out. I just needed to vent and let my feelings out.

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oh susan i have just read your update as i have been away.i am so very very sorry about dublin .it was such a shock to read and i hope you and your family find comfort in the fact that he is not suffering now even though he suffered in the last few months.your love and dedication you gave dublin made him the dog he had become so please try in your hours of darkness to remember the happy times you had.
as for getting another i said i didnt want anymore after our dusty died .3 months later we had our layla she didnt replace dusty but boy do we love her for whom she is and the pleasure she brings to us is immense.so get another when you are ready and enjoy the pleasure and love they have to offer.
remember susan anytime to want to talk i and other members are willing to listen
take care
First of all, I am very sorry to hear about Dublin, and trully admire your bravery for making such a hard choice!
Personally, I do think that you should get a new puppie as soon as you can, because clearly you have so much love to give! However, after all that you have been trough, I would stop and do some serious research before getting another puppie, and would go to a totally diferent line, because if you do get a dog that is related to your dear Dublin, you will always be concerned if something simillar will not happen.
Take some time before you make a decision, but not too long, you trully deserve a dog companion next to you!
so very sorry to hear about dublin. its a hard decision to make - we know weve had to do it- but you cannot let them suffer. weve had setters for 30 year and always 2 girls together so they are young together but obviously grow old together. we lost eilish and brenna within 2 months last year and we were devasted . we got orla and neeve a few weeks later and at the time i did wonder if it was too early, but basically we couldnt stand the house without a setter! it was the right decision and straight away they were part of the family. we never get another setter to replace our old girls weve got wonderful memories of every one weve had . i understand the position youre in and you will get another one when you feel the time is right.remember " a house without a dog is like a day without sunshine" take care
I am very very sorry Susan.Reni

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I just read this topic and the updates and I think it is very wise to be very careful if you want to buy another pup. Epilepsy is becoming common in the breed and the last thing you want is another epileptic. Before you decide to buy a pup, double check the breeder.
So sorry to learn of the loss of Dublin at such a young age I know how much he meant to you - my thoughts are with you
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. May the shamrocks fall softly on dear Dublin.

When the time is right, come visit us at www.saveoursetters.org

We can help you find the right companion and family member for your family.

So sorry,
That's a very good alternative!
I am so sorry to hear about Dublin. I know what you are going through for it has been just over a year since I had to make a similar decision with my boy, Scout. It is so hard to do but, like your boy Scout was suffering.

Scout's breeder offered me a puppy when I was ready and so when she had a litter last November I decided I needed to have another Irish in the family. I did research before I decided to stay with the same breeder and Hawk does have some of the same breeding as Scout. Their breeder has been very open about Scout with everyone and I would not think twice about getting another dog from her. She has Scout's sisters and they will never be breed.

I was worried that it was so soon after loosing Scout but, Hawk has help me so much to heal. He is so different than Scout in many ways except for the unconditional love that setters give us.

I am sure your boy is happy and running with all our loved ones who are waiting for us at the rainbow bridge.
I am so sorry about your loss, I read this and have tears in my eyes. I went through a similar situation exactly 2 years ago. Vet bills, loans, treatments, and at the end, he died at home, Thanksgiving 2007, Casey was only 7 years old.
When I informed the kennel, where he was from, they told me that the same day they had a litter and the breeder promised one of their babies to me. 2 months later I welcomed Tobin to my home. He flew in from Canada where the breeder is located now. He will turn 2 years on November 25. He did not replace Casey, he has a very different character but he brought the light and fun back into my life. Irish are so sensitive and beautiful and the best canine partner a human can have.
Be strong, look at all the pictures you have of him, I am sure one day you will be ready for another loving friend.
Thanks Patricia I am sorry for your loss and I can tell as I read this how much it hurt to lose Casey. Our second setter was named Casey as well! Actually it has taken dozens of hours of calls and searching and researching and I found a breeder I like. They had puppies yesterday in fact and we were accepted to get a boy. I am so excited and nervous and trying to hang in there for another 9 weeks! I hope for a better outcome and if I did my homework well enough it should be better this time around.
Susan, I am so glad to read your news. How exciting! Can't wait to see the puppy pictures soon! All the best! Hang in there!




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