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At 2:23pm on January 22, 2009, ursula wilby said…
Anna, the photo-blogg is a comment in regards to the VERY heated discussion of people not wanting to see setters with "dead animals" in their mouths.
Well that was part of the discussion it also branched off in to different directions...you will have plenty to read if you are interested! :-)
At 8:02am on February 3, 2009, Kristina Brannlund Westin said…
Thank´s for commenting my photo!
When they are so many as six dogs there is always a racing-competiton between them. Mostly Tito is number one and he usually comes back after some hundred meters.

Greetings, Kristina
At 3:51pm on February 13, 2009, Kristina Brannlund Westin said…
Hi Anna!

Thank´s for your nice comments on my photos. It thruelly is a lovely winter this year and we enjoy it. A little cold but it never bother the dogs, and I can put a lot of clothes on, so no excuse for not walking with the dogs.
So you maked the album, aha!!
Well done!

Greetings Kristina
At 1:10am on February 14, 2009, Drago and Beata said…
Witam serdecznie! Dziękujemy za komentarz. Pani psiaki są cudowne. Z resztą , który seter nie jest piekny? Drago jest pieskiem, jutro kończy 9 miesięcy. Jest to szatan, ale bardzo cudowny i kochany. Jest to mój drugi seter. Poprzedniego Sonego miałam 11 lat do maja ub.r. Zachorował na babeszjozę i nic nie dało jego leczenie, miał 11 lat i ciężko było go odratować. Dopóki nie zachorował był bardzo żywym psem, gdyby nieco nie posiwiała mordka nikt mu nie dawał tylu lat, ale cóż nerki wysiadały, przestał jeść i nie było ratunku...ehhh ale po miesiącu nie wytrzymałam i kupiłam drugiego . Miał 6,5 tyg słodziak mały gdy go prezywiozłam z Torunia do Warszawy. Ze mna jest krok w krok traktuje mnie jak matkę, no cudo. Troche mu dałam forów i rozrabia ale wiem że to oszołomy i do dwóch lat tak będzie. Serdecznie pozdrawiam i troszke sie rozpisałam. Beata i Draguś
At 1:51pm on February 15, 2009, Marta Magi said…
I am glad you like our puppies.
Thanks for your nice comment :-)
Regards, Marta
At 4:35pm on February 17, 2009, Kristina Brannlund Westin said…
Hi Anna!

Thank you so much for this nice words about my dear old Viktor and my photos!
I know exactly how you mean about bitches verca dogs. There is something very special with this boys, I just love them.
My old Viktor is so very speciel to me, having him for almost twelve years, and when he is gone he will continue living thrue his grandsons Charlie and Bruno.
This old boy is so very vise and sometime I just wait for him to talk to me.
Thank you again,
Best Regards, Kristina and Viktor!
At 7:36am on February 18, 2009, Ulla Carnemyr (Oinas) said…
Brave woman? No, its only normally för me to be in the nature. I have lots of experiance from the time when i have horses and did some horsebackriding around the area. The most fantastic moment was when I was riding with my friend and did a meeting with a big moose 5 meters beyond a big stone. .
At 6:24pm on February 18, 2009, Ulla Carnemyr (Oinas) said…
That´s is why we moved from the city to coutryside. It´s much better for the dogs and our children. We have clean air and water. You can if you wish drink water from the small river.
At 1:51am on February 19, 2009, Annie Cheron said…
Merci pour cette gentille attention ... Ton français est parfait ... Si j'étais aussi douée en anglais !
At 10:52am on February 23, 2009, Laura Kolbach said…
hi Anna, thanks for your comments. The photo was taken halv-time during the walk, but I think, the 6 setters (out of 13) that knew sit-and-stay would have also done it before the walk! verrrrrrrrrrry obedient :-)))
At 2:57pm on March 1, 2009, elaine barry said…
Hi Anna, thanks for the comment. Your dogs look posh too eating nicely at the table!!!
At 4:15pm on March 3, 2009, Rhona, Bruce n Lil Lucy Skene x said…
Hello again
That birthday cake looks amazing and thats from my point of view
The dogs would of loved it
How are you? hows the little ones?
speak soon
Rhona, Bruce and Lil Lucy x
At 4:56pm on March 4, 2009, Anna Kristín Einarsdóttir said…
Thank you. I have now spent the whole evening on this splendit page.It is so many good setters there and fun to see.
At 4:41pm on March 6, 2009, Laura Kolbach said…
thank you Anna. Danka was top irish last year as well :-) and before that, Odin held the title many years, at least top bitch :-) i am proud of my girls!
have a nice weekend!
At 5:25am on March 9, 2009, Carmel Murphy said…
Thanks for the correction Anna!! I keep making that mistake!(those grey hairs again!) But you all know who I mean!;o))
At 1:07pm on March 9, 2009, Carmel Murphy said…
Thanks for that lovely story! Perhaps I saw Kasia as an elegant Kazia!!? I admire anyone who learns the English language, as it is so difficult(so many irregular rules!!) English is my only language(I only have a little Irish and Italian-very,very little!) I notice many people use US spellings a lot-example-neighbor instead of neighbour!!;o)) I think I would find the Polish language difficult to learn! I asked Kasia to pronounce a Polish name(Zbyszek) and I still cant say it correctly!!!! I am very bad at other languages!!!
At 3:19pm on March 9, 2009, Carmel Murphy said…
Glad you liked the photo of the three dogs and mountains!! And the fireplace photo was a Christmas card(on Seterkowo site) but I dont remember which year!!!!!
At 4:20am on March 25, 2009, Red Feather said…
hello Anna,thanks for congratulations!
I want congratulate you,like Przygoda breeder amd of course Sveta and my dear Przu-Przu...she is realu lovley girl like alway,and with great temperament!!!I say big hello from you to Sweta,and of course she say big kiss and hello to you!!!
Regards Marina.
At 1:27pm on April 19, 2009, Danica Morarova said…

At 4:18pm on May 17, 2009, Annika Liikanen said…
Thanks for comment on Timons birthday, i love my boy sooo much

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