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I need your perspective and/or help ...."max" is doing awesome,fantastic and so puppylike since the surgery from having his leg amputated ...yet in the last 2 days and one other time about 3 months ago "max" has literally rolled in poop ( clueless as to who or what animal it belongs to ) this is now 3X and i am becoming real concerned in that why does he do this and i mentioned to my wife if she thinks it has to do with the cancer ( spindell cell ) and if it's begining to effect him psychologically therefore "acting out" ( although back in july when he rolled in poop my wife went in for major surgery for female issues ) i think that one time was clearly behavioral and if he did not do it since it would no longer be an issue for me, keep in mind he has done it 2X in the last 3 days,

I'm not sure what / why or what's possessing him to do such a thing, Lisa , my wife is a vet tech and works in a animal hospital and even she has no idea why "max" is doing this ....although , and i will finish up here because this really bothers and freaks me out ....my nickname in the Navy was "squeeky" ,....i took so many showers , Lisa thinks it's insticntual therefore embedded in them.

Any help would be of great help.


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Maybe its a protest against too much bathing and grooming?:-)
Too much bathing and grooming is DEFINITELY not the case in our household ;-)) There is far too much protest against it from my setter to make it worth doing it on a regular basis ;-))
However, since this discussion started I've had to wash and sponge him down twice because he now suddenly loves rolling in things! Has anyone mentioned horse-dung and dead foxes yet?
I can now at least confirm that vinegar and also ketchup (leaves a bit of a ketchupy smell though) definitely works! Just in case anyone needs to try it sometime soon :-) Thanks very much to all for the tips!
Wait till you go to the beach and there is a dead Seal....that has to be one of the best, Didn't know about the Ketchup then though, they say that it takes away the smell of Skunk so dead things must be a breeze, and lets face it ketchup must be better than whatever they have rolled in. Never thought of vinegar though!! Thanks for that
Hey whats so good about YOUR seal, Dee?
We have had one on the beach slowly maturing and the dogs have totally ignored it! :-)
Just you wait - this will be a "special vintage seal" ;-)))
Ah yes when the seal actually disappears and just the RESIDUE is left on the beach that has to be the yummiest of smells, the occasional lump of decaying flesh is good to, it has to be the rite vintage before the rolling can commence, just leave it for a wee while yet they will INDULGE......And yes perhaps Scottish seals are much more yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))
What about skunk? My boss's dog would get sprayed and the next day went and rolled where he got sprayed. He loves skunk smell.
We don't have skunk here, but I have seen on tv that skunk smell can be 'neutralised' by washing in tomato ketchup I haven't tried it, but I think Nicole has tried it on Busby because he rolled in something really disgusting, I think that it did take most of the smell out, she will probably let us all know!!!!
I've heard tell that skunk is quite disgusting!!!! :-)))
It is really bad. Bart loved skunks and could not leave them alone. He got sprayed not just once but several times a year. He has passed so they do not have to worry about cleaning him any more.
Yes, tomato ketchup does work but I found it rather messy and it left a bit of a sweet tomatoey smell. Still prefer plain vinegar with a bit of water added. It leaves and incredibly shiny coat and there's no smell afterwards.
Ah Nicole
I thought that the vinegar would leave a smell like fish and chips, I wouldn't mind that, I wouldn't have thought that tomato ketchup would leave a bad smell better than the smell it covered up though:o))))
I suppose I am lucky my girls tend to wipe their faces on anyone who is just walking by, after wiping their muzzles in something dirty....
Dogs love rolling in disgusting things because this intensify them own smell, and they live in world of smells. They probably think beeing more sinister to other animals, closer to be A dog in a herd. And they are totally happy in this moment. So, let them stink a bit.
I remember my Pielgrzym founding big, fresh, green cow poop on meadow near river. He was so happy with it on his head and neck and rest of body.His smile was :)))))))))))))))) It was hot july, in the river (rather small) was 10 cm of water. I walked along it to find more water, happilly i found a dam made by beavers....After bath Pielgrzym was not so happy, but I could come back home with my dogs.
Dogs eat these things becouse there is something good for them, simply poop is another form of protein.
I prepare for my dogs now and then raw meet, but not fresh, I leave it for few days in fridge to spoil, to get a bit of stink.
You cant cooked or fry it. It must be raw, for my dogs it's yummy:))) In my opinion that helps.
Steady with vinegar, because pH of dogs skin is more alkaline than acid.




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