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Comments on white on red setters seen on my videos from Ursula and Camilla made this topic. Do you hate, love, dislike, like, don't mind white on red setters and exactly why?

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Heyhi Johanna, theres now two breeds, but in centuries past they were all in one litter. And that happens even in recent years see beneath. White on tail. Yes shows up a lot especially in older red setters and as pups but that fades often in last when growing older.

Good to see you love it. Luckily there are many more here with that opinion. And maybe also more who think division in Irish red setter with white and Irish red and white setter is not good for the breed. All in the family sounds better and feels better!!!!
I love it, i like the dogs with the white marks. I also like it in the Gordons. They like it in the hunting dogs because you also can see them better.
White on a Gordon Setter? Wouldn't that be totally outside of their standard? Its a black dog with tan markings, I've never seen white on a Gordon.

Loma and Red Friends, USA
It is outside their standard, but in the Sweden, Norway etc. they breed them just for hunting, because they see them better during the hunt. Also in Holland you do not see them with white marks, only on the forechest some dogs have a white mark. That's allowed.
I think we were talking about White on a Gordon Setter Henk. I don't think it allowed on the Gordon except a small spot on the chest here in the USA. I believe the standard says the small the white spot the better.

I love the Gordon Setter but since I live on the low desert where its as hot as Hell from July to Oct. I don't think its a good place for a black dog. JMHO

Correct Loma. I read last one not what was above, replied for Irish setters and deleted when reading it was about Gordon setters. The FCI standard here for Gordon setters says some white hairs on chest ok, other white ok for Irish setters like feet toes or blaze on face is not ok.

The Gordon setters I saw working in Scandinavia were great!!! Very fast but still typical. There were English setters used to update them for the field under guidance of one mr Steen, I understood. So just like the red setters in the USA in the fifties and later by some again, making in 1975 the split AKC-FDSB. Hey I like the Gordon best on the moors!!! Great coloring.

My Conner has white on chest. You can see how it was changing during his growth. I love this white and when Conner was a puppy I hoped it wouldn't decrease. Is it big? :)
However I don't like white on a head and feet.

I personally love to see a flash of white as the dog runs...........here's a picture of my big boy and his white neck and chest. I think your Conner is adorable and the white is not too much.

Loma and Red Friends
Loma your boy looks beautiful!
Thank you, he is my big baby.......vbg

He has a lovely white splash!! Show him with confidance as he is within the breed standard!! Here is photo of Rua's brother Rohan who won res. Green Star under judge Lynn Muir(UK Romarne)and he has a lovely white chest!!(maybe not very obvious in this photo)
Loma, i think he is beautiful!!!




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