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Comments on white on red setters seen on my videos from Ursula and Camilla made this topic. Do you hate, love, dislike, like, don't mind white on red setters and exactly why?

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That dog's white is well within the standard. Please, let me know who was the judge?? Seems one of my colegs needs edjucating!!!

It just came to my mind: what if judges would start to "discriminate" dogs with no white at all :-)))
Hopefully that wont happen either!! With or without white is correct!!;o)
Doubt it Laura. And although they may have preferences as to the amount of white they "like" they must stil stick to the standard. I think the white brings out the gleaming red colour and look handsome, but if you ask me today did the dogs I put up lately have any white I would not recall that. I would however recall weather they were cowhocked, had a poor head or elbowed out. Funny I never thought about this, but it just simply does not matter to me when judging.

I made a mistake: It was judge form the Czech Republic. Alenka: I'll send his full name in personal message, ok?

Sorry for my english. I've learnt english for 3 years. So sometimes when I write something I make mistakes like: big white instead of much white or grow instead of grew... Very often I don't see all mistakes berofe I add my reply but later when I see mistake I can't correct it :/
Your english is very good!! Even we who have english as our first or only language also make mistakes!! I have tried learning Italian but not very successfully! And ashamed to say my Irish is awful!:o(
I'm impressed with all of you who have learned a second or more languages. I'm a lazy American I'm afraid and only speak English and sometimes even that is wrong. VBG

Keep posting and don't give your mistakes a second thought. I make plenty of spelling errors as I can't seem to find the spell check on sending a message on this site. Is there one?

Intresting reading comments on English...These days, most breed experts are living outside English speaking cultures. That means English-only cultures miss a lot. Why not learn other languages? English-only cultures in Irish setters are no longer dominating others, their experts are nearly extinct...

Anyway Alenka did you already correct you Czech collegue penalizing allowed white? I've read a few showreports on shower of hails (white dots all over the coat) umpteen times behind all lines present here. Not one mentions this coloring certainly no penalizing..... Maybe from the old school who still had some good teachers. Seems you had a good school, not remembering color....Thats the old school.
You’ve mentioned several times the legendary rare marking called "shower of hail".
I was wondering does anybody have a picture of such a dog. I have never seen it before, only read about it.
Is there a story behind this marking and how rare it is actually?
there is a photo of such a dog in Eve Garder's book, if i remember right. my scanner is sick, so i can't scan it for you right now.
Latest news on the legendary variety of shower of hails was that somewhere in the USA a winning show Irish had that typical small white dots all over the coat. Maybe the Americans here know who that is?

Over the decades more of them dived up, but theres not much knowledge about white on red (like this topic shows) so a big chance breeders are shocked insted of pleased when it shows up....

There was an article on this in the hobbymagazine Irish Times in 1998 with all relevant info. In it another picture than in Eve Garders book as well - taken by a Dutch baroness. Most intresting is - it took nearly half a century before these pics were published. First on the Working Setters list, now dead.

The scanner here gave up as well, so maybe someone else can scan some?

Henk, this is the only picture I've gotten so far to share. I don't know anything about this dog, does anyone else?




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