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Comments on white on red setters seen on my videos from Ursula and Camilla made this topic. Do you hate, love, dislike, like, don't mind white on red setters and exactly why?

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Thank you, but if you read some of the previous post about white on a Irish Setter you'll see he isn't everyone's cup of tea. But he's a good honest dog, who I've had a bit of success with and he is producing some really fine champions here in the USA. There is no perfect dog, but he's as close as I've had so far. VBG
Hi Loma,
I love his white bib!! I saw a book in my local book shop today that bothered me a lot!! It was a general all breed book by a dutch lady(cannot remember her full name!!) Was first published in 1996 and in the Irish Setter section she describes the white on setters as undesirable!! She did mention the FCI so I am not sure where she got her information from!! I will go bak to the shop and find out the author's name! My worry is that people starting out will think that setters should not have any white!!
I think it is only private preference of that dutch lady and she shouldn't write it, that book is not reliable because of that. Carmel I want more photos of Rohan :) !
Hey good to see Irish setterpeople being proud of white on red while quick scanning this site (hunting-season!).

White is lots of time seen as or even described as unwanted. Even in the last clubmag Dutch IS club there was a guy writing he was so proud all white had been exterminated... It came from archives of the twenties last century...

Nearly every decade in breeds history had its discussions on white on red. Quite a few were culled because of lack of knowledge.

Even nowadays lots of people think theres something wrong seeing white and theres quite a lot of sites and books telling that as well.

There were litters from red setters with complete red and whites.... If there had been no experts explaining why and pointing at lines in which red and whites were "hidden", its a question mark what would have happened...




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