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I ment to keep a very low profile indeed, but lets have this one as well before I fade quietly in to the background and shut up, shall we? Its dead-safe and every breeder can join in!
How do you name your litters?
Do you start at A?
Do you have a theme, and what is it? Does it follow through all your litters or has each litter a theme of its own?
I grew up during the 60`s and my life was very dominated by the 60`s + 70`s style of (mainly british) music. I went to art school in London during that time, so for me the choice of names for my puppies was easy.
Mainly pop/rock stars.
I pick a star = Beatles, Stones, Elton John, John Lennon etc and then use suitable songtitles for each puppy.
So A John Lennon litter, a Stones litter etc.
Quite fun and makes (so I think) for some great names.
I also once had a puppy-buyer choosing between two dogs, unable to make his mind up. So finally we played both songs and he picked the one he liked the best!
See...THAT was a safe thread was it not! :-)

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As I have only bred two litters so far(another one planned for 2008) I'm finding it easy to name the pups! I chose Irish rivers for first litter and Irish mountains for second litter! Not sure of theme for third litter but will be something Irish!!!(maybe Irish pubs or towns or famous Irish singers, poets etc..?)
I doubt that you will EVER run out of names...
My first litter I named the females by sweet liquers like,Cornelia Cacao, Tequila Rose etc. The males got Whiskeynames like, Cameron Brig, Lord Calvert etc. My litter number two simple names like Browneyed Bruno, Romantic Romeo, Arrogant Amanda and so on.
But I was looking at Irish beer too, so maybe that´s something for you Carmel.

Drinks always make great dog names!! Most of our pet dogs when I was young were named after drinks; Cognac, Guinness, Tequila, Brandy ,Shandy etc...................so might start that theme again!!!! Plenty of Irish beers to choose from!
I started with A, and I'd love to have some connection to parents names in some of the names.

My first litter was by Geronimo x Northworth Red Icing, and one of the dogs was named Entice Apache Warrior (as Geronimo was Apache) and one bitch was E Apache Queen.

Second litter by Balintyne's Wild About Harry x Northworth Red Icing, had E Banana Icing. Couldn't find nice enough name for a boy with a connection to his father's name, so it didn't happen.

Third litter was by Bright Soul's Glad All Over x A Piece Of Glory Cinammon's, and this litter had only one male puppy. Again couldn't find nice enough name for a boy with a connection to his parent's names, so it didn't happen and he became E Celtic Legend.

Fourth litter started with D, by Balintyne Copper's Home Run x Entice Blind Date. Boys were Entice Dxxx N'Run (i.e. Destroy N'Run, Dive N'Run etc.), and the only girl Entice Dream N'Date.

Fifth litter was by Field Of Dreams Cosa Nostra x Entice Butterfly, and it was a very difficult letter. Two of the girls became moths, Exotic Moth and Especial Moth, but boys were too difficult. So they just all start with E.
I´ve been going in alphabetics.
First two litters didn`t have any theme, they are just A and B.

After that I figured out theme but stayed in the alphabetics.
Third litter had Cute Girls and Charmin boys. Fourth litter had Dazlin Girls. The next couple are Endin` Tale and End The Story. Then came Fiery boys and Funky girls. And the last one had Gigglin girls and Game boys.
We must have all pups in a litter names start with the same letter. Some years ago our kennel club provided a letter for the year and we had to use that. But funny enough this was not necessary for the hunting breeds so we managed to "slip through the cracks" and got away with different start letter. Our first litter in 1986 started with a "P" and we followed it through so was (R, S, T). Now I am not sure weather we'll stick to it as our next should be "U" which I find very difficult.
i am a big name creator, usually for other breeds, if you need help, let me know :)
Okay, how about some names with "who's" in it. I want to name my next bitch," Who's Your Daddy? " Of course she has to be a daughter of my Who's On First?

Forgot something. We can have prefix + 15 characters, including spaces. Sometimes you come up with a really nice name, and it is too long. That is also one thing that makes it a bit more difficult for us.
We have a limit on admount of letters in the name too, this has stopped me from having some truly great names! So Im always counting when Im naming.
We can have up to 35 characters (spaces and prefix included). And there can never be two dogs with same name coming from one kennel.




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