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I've noticed in a lot of the pictures on this site that some people show their dogs in a show stack standing. Some throw the leash over the back, some let it dangle to the side, and some squat down.

Here in the United States it seems a lot of our professional handlers drop down below the dog so as to disappear instead of "hawking" over the top of the dog.

What is your preferrance and do your judges care? I had a judge yell at me once for not squatting behind my dog.


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we put the leash over the shoulder , not allowed to put it off , the dog could run away and you have nothing to hold him/her , when the dog has a loaded shoulder you can fool the judge to put the leash on the shoulder so that it breaks it , visible
Interesting that you can't remove the leash in your country Yvonne. Is it a written rule or just suggested. I know it does take some time to put it back on and I've heard some judges ask handlers not to remove the leash just for that reason.

Here we do either! It is up to the individual! I personally go down on one knee as I find it more comfortable although I have stood also! I am very small(5ft 0") so if I stand, my already tall bitch, Rua(25") would look even bigger! I have often said that I could never show Irish Wolfhounds as I would disappear altogether! I also put the lead loosely on the dog's shoulder but for the photo(if we win!) I take the lead off as it looks better with nothing on them to break up the topline(my dogs stick to me like glue and would not move away!) Judges here don't interfere with how we stand our dogs!!
I use Resco as a leash and I keep it tight under the ears high on the neck when stacking. Lose it a bit when moving. Personally don`t like the leash put on over the shoulders.

Wether to stack standing or on my knees (usually on the other knee just for that feel uncomfy otherwise and it actually hurts on a hard floor...) depends on a dog and it`s mood - and size. While standing behind him don`t want to hang over him. But usually both ways are ok to me, no problem.
I like to make it complicated so I'm sure to get a bad stack. I try to watch what the professionals do (yes they do change). Since they have shown to the judges over and over, they may know what the JUDGES preference is. As far as the leash goes, I'm trying not to worry about it until a proper way is determined (by this sight). (I am practicing taking it off though :)
Like Yvonne already said, we can't take the leash off. So I also put the leash over the shoulders. I'm still practising showing though.
You can always drape the leash over your right arm as you hold the head up, or let if just drop to the side of the dog, preferiably by the leg so as to not dangle too much in view.

I think it really depends on the size of the dog! With a big male dog I have to stand while stacking. Otherwise I can't really see how the dog is standing. It's also hard to reach my arms all the way if I'm on my knees.
Bitches I always stack on my knees (or one knee). They are so small that you get a better picture of the way they are stacked when you see them from "ground perspective".




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