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What was your first Irish Setter encounter?

The first time I met an Irish Setter was March of 1993. I had a first date with a woman who I would eventually date for 3 1/2 years. When she opened the door, Chelsea was barking away. After introducing us, she volunteered that "Irish Setters are the most beautiful dogs in the world". While I thought Chelsea was beautiful, I was not prepared to concede that title to red heads at that moment but did not want to start a fight 5 minutes into a first date. I later found out that Chelsea was her ex-husband's dog. We moved in together for about 18 months and then when she moved out, I got custody of the fur kid. So, my first Setter was my ex-girlfriend's ex-husband's dog!

And over the years, I have learned that she was right. Irish Setters are the most beautiful dogs in the world!!

How about you? How did you get involved with Irish Setters?

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Dawn, I do not understand your remark.  I hadn't mentioned exhibiting in my previous posts.

Thanks Mel.  I forgot Susan George was into Arabians.  I just couldn't think what Dawn meant by her comment.  You hopefully are right in your interpretation.  Thanks for the link to Susan's website.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Nardi, yes Mel is spot on in her interpretation of my comment, sorry you found it confusing.

As Mel said, Susan's loves are the same as yours. :)


Dawn R.


Thanks Dawn for confirming Mel's interpretation.  Sorry for being a dummy.

Chantal said, "One day, my American friend was baby sitting an Irish setter from one of her German work colleague, and one evening we ended up taking care of this absolutely stunning Irish setter and I couldn't believe how wonderful they were."

No, my dear, it didn't quite happen like that! Your friend and you went out, after volunteering to look after the dog, and I was left to look after him! Sparky was his name and that was my first encounter with an Irish setter. He had a typical IS temperament and really impressed me.

OMG  Alzheimer striking already!!!!  As they say in your lovely country dear husband ... your head   :-)  :-)

Men are like customer in a shop, they are not always right they just think they are. Bless em <:0)

men are always right, but women always have the last word! :-))

Just as it should be,because we are the more  superior being,after the setter ofcourse <:0).

Finn, I think you split an infinitive there .... ;-)

I'm on a roll ....

.... better take the dogs out ... it's looking a bit stormy ...

He may be dead and gone, but is still kicking alive in a small book about his escapades: Rex.

Back to July 1960. . “He is a very obeying dog”, praised the seller the setter Rex.  But… “come”’ meant for the red dog go, “down” jumping on us & licking our faces.  

The costs of the setter were 35 Dutch guilders, paid by my brother (nine years) and me (nearly five) by emptying our saving boxes.  The other half setter:-) was purchased when my brother started building his own Suzuki 500cc motor racer.

This setter meant adventure. As a boys guide for nature he made youth into a festivity, still alive in that book, made between ten and twelve years old.  Although experts like captain Verweij wrote the Irish setter is half an angel half a devil, Rex was more a devil in disguise. A Rebel Red Rex.

Scanning that little old book now, July 2012, the youngest redhead gallops in. Settertimes are still on my side, off we go….

Henk -love your description - who is captain Verweij?




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