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This link contains material from a single German Shepard-kennel plus some material from a dogshow from the 50´s. Setters are shown in the show and in the end there is a take of setters and pointers working in the field as well...


I hope everyone can view the film in the link!

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very interesting, thanks! Setter on this video have very short skin.
thanks for sare!
Very interesting Katariina, thank you, I'm sorry not having understand a word. Beautiful German Shepards who also seem healthy both phisically and mentally - rarely seen nowadays in our country. Also loved the setters, I could watch it longer.
Amazing to see the change in the breeds! Especially when it comes to coat and grooming!!!!!! Wonderful film!
Huge changes, read somewhere they are collecting skeletons of GS pardon Alsatians over a century to show what shows did, for a follow up of Pedigree Dogs Exposed. Setters would be intresting as well!
am I the only one who can't see this video? it would not start, neither by waiting, nor by clicking :-(
Laura, es hat eine ziemlich lange Ladezeit. Bei mir verging fast eine Minute bevor es ablief. Aber es lohnt sich!!! Liebe Grüsse Esther
hab eine stunde gewartet...
Can you see other videos that need a Flash Player or other to proceed? There might be some program missing that plays these videos. Sorry to hear.

The change in dogs is amazing but that we have seen in pictures before. These videos bring it to "life" though ;)
I wish you would understand the speaker because he sure is funny. He is telling about the Dachshund and that the dog was put under a cupboard to grow that is why it has so short legs ;))) It is all humoristic.
And the setters loved the Finnish Hounds so much and could not act nicely in the show because of that :))
Thata why i love irish setters, they never are sweet angels but rather diablos




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