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I went as a spectator and shopper and really enjoyed my day - having recently come back to showing after a long break its fascinating to see changes in the event.

I think more than anything it showed how much I've learned from internet sites such as this. There was no better place than around the ringside to watch movement and see how that was affected by construction; to see different line types; to admire the dedication that overseas exhibitors had in bringing their animals to the UK for the show and their various styles of presentation. To meet people whose lives and opinions I've followed here and elsewhere online actually doing what they write about.

As ever, there are old friends and admired dogs who weren't there, and their absence made a difference. For a couple of years I sat next to Sybil Lennox at the ringside and she was a great tutor and commentator - you can pick up so much knowledge from your neighbours, as well as chat and gossip.

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I had a very enjoyable day too, despite the very long drive, It took me 4 1/2 hours each way. My boy was in Post Grad Dog and although he wasn't placed he showed beautifully, I was very proud of him.

My daughter took alot of photographs of us in and out of the ring, so we have some lovely memories to keep.

One thing in particular did irritate me though. I was ringside during the lunch break waiting for PG to go in, and I was annoyed to see dozens of ringside seats left vacant BUT with some items of personal belongings left on them to lay claim and prevent anyone else from sitting there. How selfish. Towels on holiday loungers springs to mind. Tut.


Anyway, that's Crufts for another year, I haven't yet watched the TV coverage of yesterday, so off to do that now.


Dawn R.

Oh shame i missed saying hello to you and your boy! I watched the bitches and placed my self so I could see them in profile and running towards me. Trying to learn the ropes and predict the judges choice!! I did quite well!


I really enjoyed myself.  A long day leaving home at 11.45 Wednesday to catch a coach which left at 1am and arriving at the NEC at 6.30am.  Got in my door at 11.30pm and the first thing I did was put Diva's and Willows, prize cards and rosette on the wall unit, had a quick look at the catalogue and then bed.  Have enjoyed reflecting on the day today and looking at the photos and videos already posted on websites.  I was so thrilled to have my first 1st place at Crufts and get my sweet girl Diva in the challenge. So Crufts 2012 is now just a memory and I am looking forward to the next show.

She didn't look out of place in the challenge either.

Had a great day!  Met up with Teresa, saw some of Rigsby's litter mates (Merlin is beautiful!), and did some shopping.  Best of all, watched Jamie get B.O.B and secretly hoped that would be us in a few years time.

Enjoyed Crufts and although had no luck in the ring, was delighted with my two girls, Rua and Abbey;o) They were very good and I was especially delighted with Rua on her final day in the ring(she is now a retired show dog!) Loved meeting friends new and old;o) Exhausting day, and only managed to get to one stand, to get doggie toys!!

Had a lovely day, Joe won his class- which always helps!! Had lots of chats with lots of friends. Loved the judging, adored both Best Dog and Best Bitch.

Many of you know that we've had a bit of a rough time lately, having lost most of our litter- the support from other exhibitors shone through and for that I am very grateful. We've had lots of help and advice from some very knowledgeable people. The three remaining puppies are doing well, only hope that it continues.

well, what can i say? i was so overwhelmed by everything and everybody that i did not have the time to get nervous :) it was LOVELY (must be the most often used word in the English language) to see the people i met before and all those i only knew via internet. i am sorry that i could not meet all of you i wanted to! everybody was so kind and relaxed. the long chats and exchanging advice in the ring was something totally new to me, specially as it was with totally strangers. wanted to watch the dog judging but ended up next to the bitch ring again and again...

i really really enjoyed Crufts, done a bit of shopping as well and the placings were just the icing on the cake. i was happy and proud of the girls who i think knew that this was the most important show for me ever and showed beautifully. well worth all those 4500 km (or even more?) of driving :)

can you please write more on the different styles of presentation, what do you mean exactly? is it that much different? :-)

Sorry, I didnt get to meet you at Crufts. Its a great opportunity to meet up with people , as well as seeing the dogs. Lets try to meet up next year, I would love to see Fergus. Currently trying to get last year's litter from Norna and Fergal together at SKC in May, I think five of them are entered so far.

Nice to have met you Finn, albeit briefly.  Look forward to seeing you again, especially if you start to show!!!

Would have loved to have met you Margaret.  As you appreciate I was a tad pre-occupied.  I am sure we will meet up at some time.  Am looking forward to that.

Maggie, I am glad you were right with a lot of the placings!!  Makes it great fun........

Apart from being lame I had a wonderful day.  My bitch entry was super and in many classes I wished I had more prize cards.  I was immensely pleased with all my class winners and would have been proud to have taken any of them home.

I did manage to come over and watch some of the Irish Setter judging, Eva, maybe we can meet up next year.  I enjoyed my day at Crufts, not sure which I enjoyed more, seeing Sandy get the dog CC, or Colin Organ handling Neige in the FT class (after all the rude things he used to say about IRWS!)

That would be nice Margaret.  I have just had the date for my hip op and it is imminent so by the time Crufts 2013 comes along I will be tanking round the ring like a spring chicken.....this, of course, will be together with my weight loss!!!

Difficult choice on the other one!!  I think I would go with the CC win by a short nose........




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