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I would welcome input, Dublin had a seizure about an hour ago....UPDATE

Dub has epilepsy. He has had 3 more seizures since last night. We started him on the pheno this morning and so far not so great but we are hoping. The vet is concerned because he is clustering but he is settled now and we will take him to the hospital overnight if things get bad. Such a gorgous dog, such a tragic turn of events the past two weeks. I wish things were how there were before but I can't go back now. I didn't think it would progress this fast.

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I am not speaking from first hand experiance, as I have never seen an EP-seizure myself. But I have read a lot on the subject and also know quite a few people that have dogs with this.

First of all, this may be the one and only seizure Dublin may have.
If not, a vet needs to take bloodsamples etc. to find out if the fit is due to any other illness.
If the fits keep coming at regular intervals, there is medication.
The dogs I know that are on medication seem to be doing fine, and I can not see that medication is such a bad thing providing it works.
You write that you have had dogs like this before, what happened to them? And if medication did not work for them, perhaps it does for Dublin.

EP is not specifically in irish setters, but occours in lots of breeds of dogs + of course humans too.
One thing you should do is to contact the breeder so that she is aware of what is happening. There may be more puppies in Dublins litter with the same problem.

I hope things will work out allright Susan, and hopefully things are not as black as they look.
I know there are people on this site with EP-dogs and I know there are sites for owners with EP-dogs. Lets hope they can give you some good advice!
Itś look like megaezofagus/big gullet-I hope itś correctly in English/I´m not vet,but I think Dublin can live with this problem.You have to visit vet.Good luck.Danica
it is now 1:00 am and dublin had another one. I will see the vet first thing in the norning but this is' not looking good.
Two fits within a short timespan is not very good, but keep calm Susan and lets see what the vet comes up with.
Medication may work so that he can have a very long and perfectly normal life!
Hi Susan,

I feel very sorry for you and Dublin and can imagine how shocked and upset you are feeling. Hopefully you can get Dublin to the vets very soon and start treatment. I bred a dog who started fitting aged 1 1/2 years. He is now 9 years old and has lead a life on medication with only the occasional seizure. I know of others not so fortunate, but until you've tried there is no way of knowing. Dublin may seem slow and sleepy to start with on the drugs but he should become more his normal self when the body adapts.
The following link may help

Thinking of you and Dublin.
Hi Susan

How horrible and scary. I hope Dublin is okay. I'll be thinking of you.
Hi Susan, I am so sorry for this devestating problem you are having with your boy, Dublin. I wish you all the best. I don' t have any advice for you as I have never had a dog with seizures, but knowing that my son has just had one for the first time this year, I think I have an understanding of how scared and worried you are. Take time to do some research and advice from the vet before you make any decision. You might find a solution that can maintain his health and sustain his life.
Regards, Cheryl
I just remembered that last Thurs he rolled in a dead bird and I gave him a bath and we left to go to dinner. When we got hom we noticed a bed moved far out from the wall and Dub was frantic when I got home, with spit all over his muzzle. I was laughing thinking what did you get into here Dublin. Mulled over what might have he been up to. Also there was foamy drool on the carpet next to the bed. I just realized he must of had a seizure then as well and I had no idea since it was probably the first. I haven't been to bed since I am cleaning pee up from my sofa this time and emotionally I feel unable to make much of a decision. I know I will get a blood panel done today. But why would bathing him cause this? I did read stress can bring them on but really he is stressed about so many things everyday, why the bath?
Please dont blame your yourself Susan!
It will NOT have been the bath that set it all off.
If it had been stress, then his trips to the dog-park (that you discribed earlier) would have been far more stressful than a bath.
Whatever triggered this, it was most certainly not you!

I checked out the link that Susan Stone added and you should read about all the dogs that are doing so well on medication!
Keeping fingers crossed for you...
Im with Ursula! It WASNT the bath. Its just been a coincidence
Here's a thought...when was the last time he had heartworm medication...my dog had a seizure from Interceptor. I changed her med and she never had another. Don't be too quick to put him down if he has another...it could be a temporary situation. Good luck and please keep us posted.
Hi Susan,

I am very sorry to hear that Dublin is having seizures. It is very shocking when you see this for the first time. I know it because I am also the owner of an epileptic. They can grow old with it, but think that Dublin has to be put on medication as soon as possible.

Thinking of you and Dublin.




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