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Just wished to congratulate International Women’s Day to all the ladies here on Exclusively Setters!!!
I don’t know about your countries but here all ladies get at least one flower on their holiday (and in exchange we - men, get lunch and cakes, but you don’t have to send me lunch ;-) just kidding).

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Thanks for the flowers!
If you drop in there will be supper, but alas no cake - we are just back from the show in Graz, the south of Austria. We had only the IRWS and got a res. CACIB dog and a CACIB bitch - so now my husband is off to the pizza place....
thanks Dusan, you are a real gentleman!
Thanks Dusan,
You are the only one here who remember that old tradition.
Yesterday evening I made second in my life (but first well done - it is only over-sweet for me, but maybe you like it) teacake (I'm big teacake fancier but not very good in cooking et s.o.). It was sudden impulse to go to the kitchen and do this. If I had knew that today Dusan will have the right to this cake??!!!! For lunch I will found anything as well:))))
Thank´s so very nice of you!
And what a lovely photo!
Have a nice day!!!
Thanks Dusan:) that's really nice:)
Thank you very much Dusan a great thought....
Thankyou Dusan. I have just made some chocolate/coconut slice that you are welcome to come and share with me!!
Have a great day yourself,
Thank you Dusan, you are such a gentleman!!!

I can offer some alsacian 'flan' - not home made I'm afraid, but delicious all the same:-))
Thank you very much! Just doing a little French Supper tonight here in the UK....would you care to join us.....?
Thank's Dusan it's " vraiment charmant" : it is realy charming !!!!I I have a pear-chocolat pie and flan alsacien....there will be plenty of desserts for all members :-))))
Hi Dusan,,

Thank you for your thought!

In Australia, Women's Day is not exactly a big day.
Well, what can I offer you??
As a passionate cook, there is plenty of food - and how about home made doggy bickies?

Hello from Rockingham, Western Australia
Ilona and her two Sweeties Anton & Gina
Thank you! You are very kind as usual!




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