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Media highlight Irish setter as a sick animal

The image of the Irish setter got another big blow in Dutch media this week because a breeder was fined to pay 6000 euro for selling and subsequently denying primary epilepsy in a dog. Nearly all media, from national television to dailies and social media focused on this. Last year it was only television, now the impact is way broader. What do you think, is there a way to get out of this misery? And how?


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If you know of or suspect epilepsy in any of your lines, then endeavour to breed to non-epileptic lines (we all know how difficult that is!).

Well said Susan! And therein lies the biggest problem, knowing for sure there isnt epilepsy in the lines of a potential breeding bitch or dog??

Also we need more honest breeders,like you, who are willing to share information!!

Hiding problems or denying they exist is hurting the health of our breed!

Carmel, since you are living in our motherland:-) for Irish setters a question. Chairman Ray O'Dwyer of the Irish Red Setter Club, our parentclub, said in an interview end of nineties that problems known in UK lineage were unknown in Irish lineage. Can you confirm this and is this as far as you know still the case? 

I am not 100% sure if this is the case,  as recently I met a man with a working setter bitch at an agricultural show, and he told me he wasnt breeding from her as she tested positive for CLAD?????

She wasnt a registered bitch and I didnt find out her lines!! But there are very few working dogs being tested, for example for HD or PRArcd4!!

Many working setters being bred are not being registered with the IKC so some wont test for PRArcd1 or CLAD either!

I dont have figures though and would know more about show lines here!

Show dogs on the other hand are generally being tested as most are registered!

Thanks for your answer, Carmel. I note no notes on epilepsy. What a pity that there is no worldwide basis for questions like these. I did note Hugh Brady had all his (international) working champions tested for all aspects. Old Scandinavian lineage would be very interesting too, since they have some other keydogs in their fundaments - those of capt. Millner.

All field Trial dogs have to be tested for CLAD and PRArcd1 as they have to be registered to compete, but even these dogs are not being tested for HD or PRArcd4, which is a shame! I would love to have a data base to check health issues before picking a stud dog!

Sometimes asking the stud dog owner isnt always enough!!

And a test for epilepsy in the future would be great too! So far epilepsy hasnt shown up in any of my litters and I hope it doesnt , but no guarantees there;o(

I think when looking for Epilepsy, there are many causes, obviously brain damage, liver issues, hypo pituitary, Addisons to name a few.  Two of my dogs who have had seizures were diagnosed badly hypothyroid, one never fitted again once he was on treatment, Tallulah has only had a very small mumber of petit mal seizures since being on Soloxine.

Where did you find ANY official test result on Hugh's champions, Henk ?


There were a few adverts clad free. Others (pra4 and hd) not found so this is a correction to my post above.

Couldn't you find ANY?

;-))))) You know me, don't you ?

Christiane the only tests done by Hugh were CLAD and PRArcd1 !! 

Carmel, thanks for the info. It confirms like stated above that my first post on this was incorrect! What a pity that no more testing is done. I did test my young Irish import on all aspects, all okay.

Hi Carmel, do you think it would be worth contacting the some of the shooting magazines and ask them to do an editorial on the health of working Irish Setters in the UK.   Surely the main field triallers like Dominc Gourtobe or I think they are called Organ would be able to offer some information on workers??   One would assume that there are gundog clubs for working breeds who may have some stats?????   I would think any avenue that can be explored would be worthwhile, do you think so too?




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