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Hi All,

          We usually feed Shea upon rising in the morn and then wait 2 hours before we take him for a run or walk, problem is for 2 hours he is climbing the walls and being as pesky as possible, we are considering running him shortly after waking up then feeding him an hour after getting back but the poor fella will be ravenous and probably supplementing with horse poo on the fields etc. Just wondering what others mornings are like?

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 I get up and walk the dogs as soon as I get up.I then feed Arthur (5 months old) and the others after their morning walk.Arthur is hungry when he gets back but, so far, he hasn't eaten anything he shouldn't...as far as I know! If he had to wait 2 hours for his first walk I would be insane by now!
Yep he gets two meals a day prob last meal of day about 6 at mo. Do you walk your dogs or run them in the morn?


I have three different routines, depending if I'm at Uni with classes in the morning, without classes in the morning or weekend routine at the farm.

If I don't have classes, we get up, go to the nearest park for a very short time (pee and poo, really) them get home and feed. As they don't run, I feel confortable feeding them right away.

If I have classes, we get up, go to the Uni (i have classes in a farm where they are free to walk and run, and the go to a kennel during class time) once we get there they go out and play, run, etc. I leave them food when I leave them in the kennel. If they have had a run, they wait at least half an hour before they eat by their own choice, wich is great. Just to be sure I always make them calm down for the last 20 min of freedom before being fed.

If we are at the farm, Romã leaves bed really early and goes of tho misbehave. Pitanga is a big fan of sleeping in late, so she only gets up when i do. I get up, go out side and Pitanga pees and poos. Romã is normaly quietly sleeping by the door at this time, so i feed the right away.

In all the situations, they refuse to eat before they get some time outside, and they have never ate anything they shouldn't.

My dog doesn't get out for his running and walking till afternoon.  He is very settled in the morning because he knows we aren't going anywhere.  He eats three small meals a day.  He likes to lay around in the morning.  I suppose they adjust to whatever routine they grow up with. 

As we live in a very hot country, we have to get up at half past four (!) in the morning. After a good shot of coffee or two, we go for a 1 1/2 or two hours run with Anton and Gina, in summer followed by a swim. An hour later the we all have our breakfast. Then, we humans start our work, fortunately at home, while our canine pack members have a looong snooze under the air con.


While Gina is a real early bird, Anton would love a good sleep in. However, this is not possible, as we cant' go out for the rest of the day until six pm. Sounds like paradise, but we all prefer the "winters", as we lovingly can call this cool little spell around June/July in Western Australia :))

Our routine varies as I am at college 3 days a week and on two of those days Reuben gets a 6.15ish run, home and fed 45 -60 mins later. Then dog walker comes about 10.30ish to take him out for an 45/60mins run, and on a tues my mum at my house for 3.45pm and weds I am not home until 5.30/6pm. Thursday he goes to my inlaws house for a day so get brekkie at 7.30 ish. Monday and Friday, he is usually fed at 7.30ish, then walked/run after school drop off for a good 1.5 hrs. Weekends are lazy and he gets up when we do, fed and walked a couple of hours later. Oh and he gets fed and evening meal too at 6pm ish. Only in the summer does reuben really get an afternoon walk as winter I cant drag my little boy out with Reuben after school and my hubby works late hours. But Reuben is settled with what he gets and seems very happy.

Hope that makes sense!

Wow I thought Shea had a great life but he seems positively neglected compared to some on here lol. Was going to try wake him at 8 today and run him before breakfast but he just lay in his (open) crate looking fit for nothing but sleep. I've been out and come back and he is still lazing round. He was fed  earlier though so can take him for his run earlier. He found a dead pigeon yesterday, we have allot of shooters round here and they tend to use them for practice unfortunately leaving some injured or just lying dead which seems to be party time for Shea now, instinct will out I guess :o)

I'm always in a hurry in a morning, because I have to go to work, so my morning rutine in getting up at 6am, taking a short walk (winter time) and no feeding after the walk. Mine eats once a day (around 6pm). I tryied to feed her twice, but she wouldn't eat in the morning. In the summer when it's very hot, the longest wlak is in the early morning when the weather is the colest.


In your case, I would take the dog out as soon as possible and feed a bit later than usually. If you think the dog is hungry in the morning, give him a small snack in the morning or feed later in the afternoon.

Gosh I have quite a lazy 18 month old as he wont get up straight away in the morning and weekends he is happy to laze around until 9.30/10am! However on Tuesday and weds when hubby takes him out at 6.15am , he flies out the door but doesnt rely on a routine fortunately and is happy to wait as long as he gets a walk at some point. And he seems to have a bladder of a camel too!

Gosh Sue, a nice young pup to 'rise & shine' you again - haha

I should hope so, Sue!!!
It goes so fast Sue that before you have time to complain it's over with and then you wish they were little again and full of life.  At least that is how it is here!
I have a lazy one too, in the normal routine she reluctantly goes out for a wee at 6.30 and then runs straight back inside to bed where she will happily stay until about 9.00 when I eventually force her to get up and come out for a walk.  Mr B has been off work all over christmas and all that has happened is she has shifted her internal clock and goes outside for a wee at 8.00 and shoots straight back to bed not anticipating doing anything until about 10.30.  She harrumphs a lot when we insist the day starts earlier.  She also tells us it is bedtime at 10.00pm whether we are ready for bed or not.




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