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Would like to know that all our NZ friends are doing OK and not too badly affected by the earthquake over there today?


Anyone from NZ got any news?

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Hi Cheryl
We are all good as we are on the North Island, however, prior to the earthquake striking we had a very restless night. Kerry the mum of the pups was whining and pacing so they must have known it was coming. I have spoken to Sharyn Latchford and Leslie Emms from Marindallas, all are OK, lots lost from the house but all humans and dogs OK. They have spoken to Mark Lawrence too and he and his family are fine. The only person yet to be contacted is Rhys Dwyer, however, all phone lines were down in the area. I believe also Pat Aldridge has been contacted too and all dogs and family are OK. I think these are all our Christchurch members on ES as Gayle lives in Akaroa and Jan in Dunedin.
Hi Joanne
Of course I knew you are in the North Island, so not in immediate danger.... still kept thinking about you, tho'. I do know Chistchurch and surroundings, but not any Setter people.... thanks for your information.
Thanks to the NZ building regulations too, that the damage from so strong a 'quake has not been worse with fatalities. Still the disruption to life must be very stressful. Chins up New Zealanders
Hi Cheryl
I have just spoken to Dorothy Dwyer. Both she and Rhys and all the Irish are fine, again a few items lost in the house but no major damage.
That's excellent news to hear that everyone is OK. So glad to hear. Thanks Jo for providing this information. I wish everyone all the best with their clean up and repairs.
Lionel, I and the dogs are fine - we live about 70km out of Christchurch. The earthquake was very scary (went on for ages), and there are still ongoing aftershocks. Dogs were all indoors with us and just stayed where they were. A big filing cabinet toppled over in the office where Gandalf was asleep on a couch, thanks goodness he did not move. Our fridge and shelves emptied themselves but no major damage - thank goodness for NZ strict building regulations. It is incredible that thus far there has been no loss of life.
We were without power and telephone for 12 hours but fortunately had gas for heating and cook top plus our own water supply. We did not have a transistor radio so will be getting one this week!
The aftershocks are predicted to continue all week but of immediate concern is a storm overnight and tomorrow with gale force winds.
Have to say that we are a bit shook up, always anticipated this in Wellington but not here.
Hi to you all, its so good that you are all ok,,its at times like this that you feel so helpless you want to help but cant,,you are all in our thoughts,,,,take care of yourselves,,,Pat x,,Can we help?????
Hi Gayle, so good to hear that you are all OK. Can't imagine what it would be like. Glad to hear that you have had power and phone restored already. Sounds like the quake shook quite an area of the south island. Is this the first one for your part of NZ? Hope the aftershocks aren't too severe. It must be a horrible feeling to feel the aftershocks after going through the big one! All the best, Cheryl.
Hi Gayle...glad to hear you and Lionel and your red kids are all ok.....like you we lost a few things & at the moment my water cylinder is leaking but we are like many others, waiting for the plumber.....did you feel the big jolt about half an hour ago.....just to keep us all on our toes.....take care
The aftershocks continue - typically plus 3 on Richter, which are events in themselves. We were without power/phone again this morning until around 11am. In Akaroa lots of businesses and home are affected - brickworks and chimneys have crashed. Tradesmen are prioritising work requests and estimate months of work ahead. We delivered the tender documents for our new house on Friday and expect that this will now be postponed given more pressing needs. At least we have somewhere to live and the dogs love the close proximity of us all living together. When we went out this morning Lionel insisted on all the family coming in case there was another quake while we were out. Poor people in Christchurch and Kaipoi who don't have habitable houses, the estimate is 100,000 affected. Lots of cats missing but hopefully they wil return.
Hi Sharyn, Plenty of dog food in the freezer and plenty of bikkies. Have an order of chews somewhere between Carterton and here which will no doubt arrive at sometime but in meantime NO supper or morning tea snacks! Local supermarket is rationing milk and bread but at least no exploitation like in some suburbs of CHC - $5 for 1 litre of milk or $10 for 2 litres! Normally $2.90 for 2 litres!
so glad you are all ok. I have been thinking of you and hope everything is soon back to normal.
Thinking of you and wishing you all the best!




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