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We are going to pick up our setter puppy in November, and want some ideas for male puppy names. I shortlisted Rusty and Murphy but the other half's not so keen. He doesn't like 'human' names either so if anyone's got any suggestions please let me know...I liked Bailey, Marley and Reilly and they all got veto'd too so looking for some other ideas from you setter people! As many suggestions as you can please, I've checked out the websites and I'm all a blur for names now.

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Hi Nicky, I have a Bailey and a Rory. I originally spelled Rory, RUAIRI. I still like it like that, but unfortunately, people don't know what it says.

Have a look at the Irish baby names site I told you about, it gives loads of ideas and gives the meanings too. Then there's this site too.


Have fun.
Don't think I am the best one to help, it took my husband and I three weeks to name our boy!! We eventually agreed on Bailey. I quite like the name Buddy for a boy, as in Budweiser Beer. You have to imagine the other half on the doorstep late at night calling him in so something quite masculine I feel!!! Is there nothing in his pedigree name or even going back through his pedigree that might give you some ideas? Failing that get yourself a name book, great fun trawling through pages and pages of names, good luck!
I feel you should not confine to setters'name...I have had 11 setters so far and they have had all sort of names but some were named after well know tennis players as my daughter was on the circuit for a while.... I like a name that is easy to call....of course my first red was Rufus.....( and there were Charlie, Max, Gus, Boris, Tom, Bill, Anna, Pete,Roger and Kim!) But then you must be free to chose any name ! Don't be conventional.....I am not and never will be! The other thing is that they all got nicknamed and they knew it was theirs too! Have fun.....
we called our setter alfie, because it suited him, i was keen on the name enzo, after the car!!!, but it didnt suit him. i would wait until you get your puupy, he will have a character all his own, and you wiil soon think of the right name for him,

amanda, holly and alfie
I enjoy names that have something to do with the country of origin. I have had setters named Casey, Chico and a Brit named Jax. This time I wanted an irish type name. Hence Dublin. We basically call him Dub or Dubby. I have a friend with an Irish Terrier named Rory and another with a Golden named Keefe. He steal all the other dogs balls so we call him Keefe the Thief. LOL Finn is a good name as well. Like Fynnagan and call him Fynn. Just some thoughts....I think if I ever have a girl setter she will be Clover. And should I be blessed with owning two dogs at once, I love the theme names on couples. Lucy and Desi, Frick and Frack, Sonny and Cher.....Fred and Wilma. I think of the names you liked, we know too many Riley's, Murphy's and Bailey's. I don't want to call my dog and have other dogs come running to me!! But that is on our neck of the woods. Some friends just got a native american indian dog pup and named her Mai, which is coyote in native american. How about looking at some less known city names in Ireland? I just checked...Cork and Derry and Galway were a few I found.
Hi Nicky, When we were looking we went on a irish names site, but we have bitches, i love Irish for male dogs name.good luck Karen
Personally, I always name my dogs fruit names, so far I had Figo (Fig), Ginja (Cherry), Cajú (Cashew), Pitanga (To wich I can't find translation), a now baby Romã (Pomegranate). I also pondered Goiaba (Guava) and Uva (Grape).
Then i also have Lord, who was supposed to go to my sister's but never did...
I too think its a good idea to wait to have your pup home for a while before choosing a name!! Or at least have a few possible ones ready! When I collected my pup(Rua) I had the name Leah for her but the breeder had already chosen that name for the pup she was keeping!!! So I picked Rua instead!! Milo, Megan, Luka and Abbey were all chosen after I got to know them for a while;o) Good luck and let us know the new name when it has been given!!!!
Hi Nicky!
Our first bitches is named after places we went to and ment a lot to us, Giza is named after the place of the pyramids, Zahaara the beautful desert... My husband wanted all names including a Z because our first dog's name is Pajazzo allready given name by the people he lived with befor us.. Our last little starname is Zelma no place but with a Z =)
Chose name is a lovely thing to do but you can stay sleepless =) God luck and please inform us what name you finally chose!
I always liked the name seamus for a male irish setter it fits in well with the irish .
Ffionnbharr, Rafferty, Malachii, Fergus,Rogan,Paddy,Fergal,Feolan,Declan,Dermot,Paddy, Morgan, Teague,,,,,,Sue
Names that my male irish setters, family and friends have had are:- Fergus,Oscar.Rory.Rowley,Flynn,Flame, Derry. Rupert ( but he was a pointer as is Dillon.Blake and Dudley as in cuddly.(all pointers) back to Irish :-Glen,Ross,Murphy Dan Shannon(he did long wees!!) Dandy Toby Timon,Milo,Bran,Barney,Solomon,Jake,Guiness.Brandy,Rusty,never yet had a rover?My Mothers Irish Terrier dog was Gypp, My Aunts Irish Terrier was Rex.Rocky,Has your other half got a hobby.My mums present show Irish is called Henri after Thierry Henri (My brother is a passionate Arsenal Supporter)

Themes can be good like trees:-Rowan Juniper(Juno) Acer,Woody etc Barley

Hope this may help a little!

Just some ideas




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