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Here in the UK i Know of 3 TV adverts running at the moment with irish Setters in. They are.
The Twins for CarCraft
The Neurofen advert (beautiful scenes)
and The visit the North of Spain Holiday advert.
What do we have worldwide then?

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I think there are some Irish Setters in a "find 30" (minutes of exercise each day) commercial here in Australia. Or maybe it's a Pedigree (dog food) ad...I can't remember! It hasn't been on tv in a while. Can't think of any others - Irish aren't a very popular breed here.
Many years ago in Australia there was an insurance ad (AAMI) with an Irish Setter sitting behind the wheel of a car that was heading for an accident.

There was also a "Pal" dog food ad with Irish Setters in it with a breeder from the Eighties "Rhuboda" Kennel in Brisbane, Qld.

I haven't seen any in recent years.
Maybe if anyone knows whose Setters have been in programs or adverts over the years might be nice to know whose they were and the breeding or name. I know there was one in Emmerdale for a while.
The National Bus Company in Ireland is called Bus Eireann and they use an Irish Setter as their logo. They also use one in their TV ads.
The first on in Emmerdale was a male and was a Fearnley, I believe. Unfortunately he died and was replaced by a bitch, another Fearnley, I think????
There was a setter in Ballykissangel yonks ago, it was one of Mae Trenwith's I believe. Elaine Gratton's setters also featured in a pictorial advert for Land Rovers, they looked very posh sitting in the back of a Range Rover.
There was also an Irish Setter in the last DFS commercial - only on screen for a second but enough to spot our breed x
The Irish Setter in Ballykissangel was bred by Mae and owned by Kay Donnelly who is also a member.
Two IRWS( one of them is Dalriach Deveron Lad) are in the current Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere catalogue. In the US, Anna Jones' Dalriach Alchemy has appeared in an ad for Ralph Lauren clothing and also another ad for children's clothing which was shot in Central park
Ardbraccan Glenfiddich, bred by Trudy was on a Toyota ad a few years ago, shot running beside a Toyota car on a beach in Ireland
Actually it was Kay who bred the Ballykissangel dog and Mae had the dog who sired the litter.
Well remembered Rosie!
I think the sire was Trooper, whom you bred?
Hi Susan,
in Spain i was a gardener for a very rich lady and i used to take my dogs to work. we used to have a swim together in the heat, you needed to.
I had to teach them both how to get out useing the metal ladder though, which they learnt quickly, as i had heard of dogs drowning in pools because they couldnt get out.
Spirit especially is a bugger for water, he would jump out of the jeep if he saw the see, running thru tourists etc on the beach just to get in the water lol.

Good luck




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