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Take care ! breed standard respect in France

I would like to draw your attention to the irish red setters judgments in French shows. Especially I would like to draw your attention to the French Irish setter club, the red club’s practices and their bad influence on the French judges. History repeats itself !

I went to Lyon’s international dog show, the last 5th June, and took part in with my dogs under the close observation of the red club’s members and its president. My lovely Cotton Candy obtained 1. Place in open class with the qualification excellent and excellent comments. After, she was immediately ejected before the final judgment (for the attribution of the CAC and the CACIB). I was asked from the judge to leave the ring.

Why ? (I cite the judge)

“My bitch is too tall. She cannot obtain the CAC and this are the directives of the red club". Cotton Candy measures 60 cm but this day she was measured 61.5 cm. Her height is OK with regard to the irish red setter FCI breed standard !!!!! but it’s not OK for the Reb Club who’s limiting the height at 60 cm !!!!!

Of course I was disillusioned and in disagreement but the only thing to do was to send a complaint to the French kennel club, and that’s what I did. I’m still waiting for an answer !

The Red Club doesn’t respect the FCI breed standard, in disagreement with the FKC, the judge was influenced and doesn’t respect the FCI breed standard, even when it was an international dog show !

It’s unacceptable and I want to warn you because a lot of you are coming to the next French championship and to the World dog Show. What can we expect ?

Please, pay attention to the judgments.

Herewith my letter and a foto from the club's directives !

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Thanks for the extra info on the lovely non french bitch;o))

Very strange way of judging in France!! Also I find the way you must use a special letter each year to name your puppies?? Or is that only in France? Much prefer our system where you can choose any letter or a theme(as I do!!) ;o))

In Belgium 2011 is the year of "K" 2012 is the year of "L" ect for the other years and our rules is that we can not use more than 10 letters and also if you choose a name like "Jungle Rock "on the pedigree it will be written Junglerock. . . I do not like our rules !
France in 2011 is the year of "G" as the same for years to come. I do not think France there are the same restrictions to the number of letters, just recomendations not to put too many names too long.
I think Luxembourg is a letter "I" with the same rules than Belgium.
I also know in Holland and Germany your first litter is with "A", "B" for your second ect for the other litters.

Just like the Irish;o)))))

Wow.  Seems height is more important than conformation...


Thrilling to see French working Irish setters here. I cherish their memories, landscapes, people, atmosphere. Not nice to read to some comments, but c´est la vie. My vote for one of worlds best Irish setters is for French Apache. Viewing him galloping like a swallow on four legs in seemingly endless fields provides ultimate setterpleasure!
Henk, nobody is disputing the thrill of seeing a setter galloping!! or seeing quality hunting dogs, but when a club disregards the FCI height standard for the breed then there is a problem!! I would down grade a setter presented in poor condition or of the wrong colour!! But if a judge gives a setter an excellent, then because of pressure from a club,dismisses it because it is too tall for "their" height standard(but is  within the FCI standard) then it is wrong!! Some of the setters  from the show were not to any breed standard for Irish Red Setters that I have seen?  Hunting dogs should show quality and conform to the standard(FCI)

Two quotes:

we dutchies like FREEdom. we hate rules.

Just like the Irish;o)))))
Uhuh, and now the old game of bashing one of continental Europeans most succesfull working Irish setter clubs on the basis of rules?
That not Irish and not Dutch (in your words).
So who are you?
Come on Henk! You are not comparing like with like!! Rules about names of litters or letters etc..... is hardly affecting the conformation of the dog???? Breed standard is very different and if a country(or Club) is part of the FCI must they not follow the breed standard of country of origin(Ireland?)
Yes Apache means freedom, an explosion of highnosed freeflowing topsports in landscapes with seemingly endless horizons. It is a story wild & fascinating alive and well in France. Just like the Apaches, this culture needs protection for those trying to impose their idea of "correct & civilized" rules upon them by calling this freedom. This is the kind of freedom allowing the last survivors of the working world the freedom to get extinct. Vive la France, vive Apache!

Couldn't agree more with you!

Many judges are biased and self opioniated and so unable to offer an honest judgement based on breed standards. So it happens! That's human nature and life as we expect these days. Let's enjoy the breed and concentrate on the important issues such as health rather than size, shape and hair curl and whether they win in the ring or not.

Jansen wrote: sorry, me not understand this at all. No problem, but don't make a rule about things you never understood! Why not look if Apaches might mean something more than gangsters only, your association, heres another one: adventure. 




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