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The AKC registration asks for a color selection to be made when registering your IS.


The choices include Chestnut, Mahogany and Red...


I'd like to tell them it depends on the amount of light she's currently being exposed to (sun light, lamp light or dusk), if Willow needs a bath or has just taken one :) but unfortunately those aren't options....


So, post a pic and tell me, What Color is Your IS?

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Reuben is conked coloured, wonder what that comes under?

ROFL!!  Sue your a riot!   Lately my dog is orange.  With red undertones.  He is molting and will be shorn like a sheep soon.  I agree he looks different in every light.  I would pick red for this dog whereas my other setters were mahogany for sure. 


can be confusing, US has three colors listed, wonder what would happen if you checked all three.  Hawk is mahogany and Scout was red
Well we have Irish (Red) Setters and Irish (Red & White) Setters. The clue is in the name!!
In the UK the Kennel Club registered colour of the former is Red and the latter is Red & White. This is regardless whether the dog is mahonany or orange. Hope that is of help.

Fred is red,Arthur is red and Ellie is now turning from red to a sort of red and beige! She started a gradual colour change after having pymetra five years ago

My wife's hair matches Arthur's and Fred's perfectly.

I did register her as red as her lineage contains the dog that starred in the Big Red movie and her parents are Brandies Red Rover and Tobias Red Rover... so I sent in the registration as Red... but this morning she looked Chestnut and last night she was Mahogany! LOL!!!  I posted some new pics so perhaps you can tell me what she is?  Not that it much matters now - the registration is in the mail ;)


I think the next time I'm at the salon I will bring her along, I could go for some red highlights :)

Rich Chestnut( of course ) as per the standard on the top half and usually black/green on the bottom!!

LOL!  You hit that one on the head!

As Eva said, Irish Red Setters are only listed as Red over here in Ireland and the UK! I think the safest colour to put would be red;o)))  My Red setter Abbey;o)
Molly is mahogany on top .....goes to shiney chestnut in bright sun but in winter is grassy brown on bottom....zosia grass loves to cling to her feathers !
Mahogany mixed with gray and I'm 14 yrs.
Well, maybe I should have checked with the breeder before submitting her application as I just received her pedigree and 10 out of th 14 ancestors were Mahogany INCLUDING HER PARENTS!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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