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In the last week, there have been 8-10 members that have been complaining about each other.  I have removed a couple people from the site, but most of the comments presented seem pretty benign to me.

When I created this site, I had no idea what it would become.  I quickly learned how little I knew about Irish Setters even though I had owned them for 15 years.  I am not a breeder, don't do shows, don't do agility, don't do hunting or field, usually get rescues (exception being my current ones).  I think all of the above are great, I just don't know anything about them nor do I really care to.  It's obvious these are topics that people on this site are passionate about, and that's great, there just not for me.

As I have mentioned before, I left this site because people were rude to me.  There's at least 1 of the 8-10 members that were one of the ones who ran me off so I can understand the complaints against this peson.

It seems like some of these discussion topics are like politics, you aren't going to change people's minds, so why try to?

Have been pondering some options:

A. Ban the other 8-10 members

B. Leave the site as is

C. Remove the discussion forum altogether

D. Transition ownership and moderation to someone else (note annual costs on the site are around $300 USD and those would transfer as well)

E. Ban any discussions on breeding, health issues, or other controversial topics

F. Shut down the site altogether (really don't want to do this)

What are some other ideas?

I want to get feedback on other ideas and then you are going to vote as a community.  Please reply with any suggestions, then will create another thread to vote later this week.



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I hope we as a community can get it under control so the forum can continue. There have been just as many polite informative posts going on as ones that have turned less desirable. It is a meeting place for brainstorming. No matter what your involvement with setters. The forum is too valuable to put on hold because of a small number of people on a small number of posts. Useful advice has helped people with their setters such as Tom and Carly. It is a important service for us and our settters. People do tire of things and move on. New people come. I enjoy the people and setters who are happy to be here and be involved.  

Oh Phil, I agree.  I've been a member here for a long time now & I love this site.  Love getting to know many awsome people from all over the world & love sharing photo's & our stories about our beloved Setters.  I would be very sad to see Exclusively Setters close. 



So would I but we must respect others opinions and not be abusive.  We have lost many very experienced and knowledgeable breeders because of the abuse they have been subjected to.   Things I would say would have to change dramatically and those who abuse would either have to mend their ways or leave ES for these knowledgeable people to contemplate coming back to ES.  And for the breed to flourish and survive, we need their input.

Gene, we are staying!

Hi Gene,

First of all, I'd like to thank you with all my heart for creating this site. When I first joined I had owned a setter for a few months and had no clue of what I was doing. If I have two decent setters today it's thanks to this site and all the great things I learnt here. This would not be possible if it wasn't for you, so thank you for making me a more aware setter owner, and thank you for allowing me to get all the precious knowledge I gathered here in this site.

Of course the discussion here are not always pink and perfect, and yes, sometimes I read stuff here that makes want to punch some members in the face! No because I particularly disagree with their views, but because of their way of using words as weapons and that is just not nice!

I'd love to give you a perfect answer as to what to do with ES.

I'd love to see some of the people that helped me so much write here again.

I'd love to hear about your dogs being just dogs, just like mine are!

I'd love to see our breed take a turn in the right way (as I believe many breeders are fighting for this), and I'd love to see ES help getting there, because a community like this could have that power!

Whatever you decide to do, you have my respect for taking this site as far as you have, and would love to see it continue. But most of all, I'd like to thank you for all the good things you brought into my live and my dogs life, just by creating this site!

I have waited deliberately before becoming involved here. We have reached this point because some of our members who participate in the discussion forum topics could not agree to disagree without either becoming personal/offended or complaining anonymously about same to Gene, warranted or not. He has been asked to play the role of King Soloman time and again because individuals failed to recognise, accept and respect their differences of opinion, allowing them instead to develop into permanent personality clashes resurfacing on virtually every subject. Members have been categorised, depending on how or what way they are involved with setters. Cliques and alliances also formed along these lines to some extent, exacerbating the failure.

Now we are at the stage where some want to leave/want Gene to make others disappear or indeed want ES itself to implode! And this is in addition to those who have already left or been put off.  NO! None of this needs to happen. STEP BACK...THINK AND REFLECT ON WHAT HAS HAPPENED...AND MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER WITH RESPONSIBILITY. ( to be continued ).


Part two ( in response to your options):

A).I dont advocate banning anybody on the basis of anonymous complaints. If you are able to have your opinion on the forum then you can complain on there too, so that we can all see whats going on and have our say about it too. Banning would have to be justified with evidence, and that doesn't mean the threat of the complainant leaving.

B).The site should be left as it is. The responsibility for topic moderation should be the responsibility of the member who started the thread. If they don't like where it is going ,or need to step in, or close it, then they should do so.

C).This is a non-starter. It's part of what makes ES what it is, where we get our knowledge and information from. Debate, arguement and difference in opinion is healthy and natural in society. Why should it be any different here. (to be cont'd)

Nice to hear from someone with a calm, adult attitude James!! Refreshing! Well put!

Part three. Watch some of the debating in Parliament...it gets pretty hot and personal too. The answer here is not to be easily offended or afraid to stand your ground either, if you want to become involved

D).Ownership should definately remain with you Gene, but the burden of moderation should  be open and shared like in the forum. Members should also consider becoming small donors each year to ensure that you bear no financial burden whatsoever in this respect.

E).Another non-starter for me. Again it makes ES what it is. The only rule here should be that we are all equal and worthy of our opinion.

F).ES is a great site Gene and you know it. On the Grand scale of life our so called problems would not even register. The activity continues regardless. Closure should not even be considered.I suspect an obvious agenda from anyone wanting it!

James wrote:>Closure should not even be considered.I suspect an obvious agenda from anyone wanting it!> Agree, what's your agenda, J&J?

It's a business in dogsportarticles and publishing settertopics. Ask them!

Indeed, why trying so hard to close ES ? Is it jealousy driven ......




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