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Thanks Wim for this excellent link:

Trials in France: http://www.7-actu.com/ 

This is one with FT dates in Britain: http://www.workinggordonsetters.com/

Thanks Christiane, I found your link here http://cunca.free.fr/


Here are some more personal sites of people involved in training & trialling and offering a wealth of knowledge:




Please add any you think will be of interest to others!



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Yep, the 7-actu is very up-to-date. On www.cunca.free.fr you can find all trial results as well as other most interesting things. The Frenchies know how to rise interest !

Wim, I am short of time right now. Too much hunting and work etc. But there is a big variety in the trial scene as well as in the question, are the dogs are really used for hunting and if yes, what sort of game ? More later...
Thnaks Christiane, I could not access the link direct but found it on google and have added it to the list.

Paul French Videos have the Setter & Pointer Champion Stake 2010 held at Lauder on10th and 11th August DVD for sale and worth watching.    Plus the DVD 'Shooting over Pointers' at Balmoral 2010.


Thank you, Pat, that is brilliant!

I've found the link here



The results off this years European Championship in Sarry France you can find on the site of the red irish club off Italy.

 There are also some picture's.




Wim, do you have a link to this?




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