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EURODOG 2008 Budapest, Irish Setters results (much awaited?)

I sorted the results according to the placings, for an easier review :-)

Judge dogs: Eeva Parkkivaara-Anttinen, Finland
Judge bitches: Gordon Williams, UK

Rhapsodie Boheme Lord Voldemort - promising
Rhapsodie Boheme Ron Weasley - not shown

Luxatori Johnny-Cake - very promising

Garden Star's Olympic Gold - exc 1, Junior European Winner '08
Crawford Heaven's Gate - exc 2
Hunting Winds Ethan - exc 3
Garden Star's Original Edition - very good
Geromino of Tenbury Wells - very good
Send You Love Red Nokomis - very good
Dean Dell'Arrone - not shown

Icy Breeze Jay Slovak Base - exc 1, CAC
Double Dream Loveset D'Angelo for Karmino - exc 2, res.CAC
Vicary's Firstroyal - exc 3
Garden Star's Maverick Boy - exc 4
Argo Rysi Wykrot - exc
Double Dream Loveset Dressed In Red Tirlis - very good
Febo Della Mezzaluna - very good
Chic Choix Quincy Jones - not shown
Trawricka Gaelic Hero - not shown

Crawford Fatal Attraction - exc 1, CAC
Ensor Of Funny Home - exc 2, res.CAC
Crawford Flicker Of Hope - exc 3
Cataluna Regency Dandy - exc 4
Garden Star's Johnnie Walker - exc
Hunting Winds Dorian - exc
Jonola Dr. Doolittle - exc
Little Boss Of Skyrocket - exc
Vicary's Cobalibré - exc
Bonfire of Dearg Mada - very good
Brian von Diana's Jagern - very good
Emiro II Della Mezzaluna - very good
Gipsy King Jay Slovak Base - very good
Lots Of Love Of the Red Empire - very good
Luxatori Heritage Da Vinci - very good
Denrose Frode - not shown

Between Heaven And Hell Zambi - very good
Garcia Jay Slovak Base - very good
Kassy John Jenny's Irsal - very good
Seterday Filip-Lepi - very good
Sumaric Salazzo - very good
M'Eudail The Temptation - not shown

Vicary's Cocorum - exc 1, CAC, CACIB, European Winner '08, BOB
Kerrimere Winter Wine - exc 2, res.CAC, res.CACIB, Res. European Winner '08
Karmino Made Fanfan La Tulipe - exc 3
Juggernaut's Gespo Murphy - exc 4
Bullo Della Mezza Luna - exc
Edy Spod Zobora - exc
Flynn O'Brian Herbert - exc
Kvanto Red Passion Of Varazdin - exc
Sumaric Shadow Of Mr. Jingles - exc
Scooby Crazy At Luxatori - very good
Ardan Of Funny Home - not shown
Armani My Irish Destiny Of Longford - not shown
Pendoric Hell Razer - not shown
Tell Me You Care For Me Dostojne Szalaputy - not shown

Berboss King's Peach - very good
Dion Spod Zobora - very good
Garden Star's Bad Bone - very good
Vicary's Yogibear - very good


Rhapsodie Boheme Fleur Delacour - very promising

Banthi Cinammon's - exc 1, HPJ, Junior European Winner '08, Best Junior, Junior BOG
Ginger of Tenbury Wells - exc 2
Karmino Made Improvisation - exc 3
Asia Della Nobilta Rossa - exc 4
Summer Spell Red Nokomis - exc (late for the judging)
Foxi Rysi Wykrot - very good
Matilde della Mezzaluna - very good
Thendara Amelie - very good
Desy Dell'Arrone - not shown
Kankan of Slovak Base - not shown
Lady Diana of Mahagonline - not shown

Come As You Are Zambi - exc 1, CAC
Infinity Jay Slovak Base - exc 2, res.CAC
Afrodita My Princess For Contario Ode - very good 3
Night Witch Red Wonder - very good 4
Edwige Fenech Degli Angeli Rossi - very good

Vicary's Fancy Face - exc 1, CAC, res.CACIB, res. European Winner '08
Swedish Design v.h. Adelaarsvaren - exc 2, res.CAC
Shandwick Obsession - exc 3
Alina My Irish Destiny Of Longford - exc 4
Contario Ode Woodwind - very good
Cordarragh Joie De Vivre - very good
Penny Meskov Dvor - very good
Yasmine Degli Angeli Rossi - very good
Caemgen's Burning Desire - not shown
Chic Choix Pandorah - not shown
Dioskury Outlow Della Blenda - not shown
Erika Dell'Arrone - not shown
Garden Star's Laser Light - not shown
Vicary's Funny Hunny - not shown

Chardonnay Jay Slovak Base - exc 1, CAC
Dioskury Driada - exc 2, res.CAC
Fuxia Della Mezza Luna - exc 3
Loving Red Celestial Dea - very good 4
Seterday Fiona - very good

Brigitte Bardot Degli Angeli Rossi - exc 1, CAC, CACIB, European Winner '08
Hedda Miron Rysi Wykrot - exc 2, res.CAC
Love Toplease of Skyrocket - exc 3
Contario Ode Winconta - exc 4
Copper's Music And Paws - very good
Sign Of Constancy Freestyle - very good
Hillsborough Charmed - not shown

Berboss Instant Coffee - exc 1, CAC, Veteran European Winner '08, Best Veteran
Garden Star's Angelic Innocence - exc 2, res.CAC
Killarney's April Sunshine - not shown

Best Couple Of The Day: Vicary's Cocorum and Vicary's Fancy Face!

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Comment by Kristina Brannlund Westin on October 5, 2008 at 12:24pm
Tack Laura!
Bra jobbat!
Ser ut som att det var en del hundar som var anmälda men inte var där.
Comment by Marta Magi on October 5, 2008 at 12:34pm
Köszi, ezt mind bepötyögted? nem semmi :-)
ugye fölteszed a klub eredményeket is? mostmár főleg csak másolgatnod kell a neveket :-)
ez a sorbarendezés meg kifejezetten tetszik, tiszta képet ad.
Comment by Yvonne Joerling on October 5, 2008 at 12:49pm
wirklich viele Sehr Gut, aber noch mal herzlichen Glüchwunsch zu Odin`s Erfolg
Comment by Ana Gaspar Kozelj on October 5, 2008 at 12:56pm
10x Laura,great work!!!
Comment by Susan Stone on October 5, 2008 at 1:06pm
Many many thanks for all that typing! I was really becoming quite desperate;-) Looking at the results I 'd say maybe it is a good thing I did not go - I don't like those 'very goods'...;-((
Comment by Agnieszka Dufrat 'Neiven' on October 5, 2008 at 1:07pm
Thank a lot for the results!
any photos? ;-)
Comment by Carmen Lorenzi on October 5, 2008 at 1:09pm
Congratulations to all winners:-)
Read some dogs I never expected a Very good...
Sadly I hand't much time to have a look at the Red ones:-((((
Comment by Laura Kolbach on October 5, 2008 at 1:11pm
photos coming from Kasia SOON (do you read this Kasia????)!
Comment by Silvia Lindner-Rae on October 5, 2008 at 1:13pm
Thanks for the results - strange placings at times..... does anyone have the English setters????
Comment by Christoph Ostendorf on October 5, 2008 at 1:14pm
Thanks for the results


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