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Setter Club Show 2008, Budapest/Hungary

Me as writer of the critiques :-) as I decided not to show.



Judge: Lynn Muir, kennel Romarne, UK


Rhapsodie Boheme Lord Voldemort – not shown

Luxatori Johnny-Cake - very promising 1
Rakelton’s Bagheera – very promising 2
Luxatori Jimmy-James – not shown

Garden Star's Olympic Gold - exc 1, HPJ, Junior Club Winner ’08, Junior BIS-2
Crawford Heaven's Gate - exc 2
Geromino of Tenbury Wells – exc 3
Garden Star's Original Edition – exc 4
Crawford High Limit - exc
Dean Dell'Arrone - not shown
Garden Star’s Niel Diamond – not shown
Send You Love Red Nokomis – not shown

Vicary's Firstroyal - exc 1, CAC
Febo Della Mezzaluna - very good
Double Dream Loveset D'Angelo for Karmino – not shown

Jonola Dr. Doolittle – exc 1, CAC
Crawford Fatal Attraction - exc 2, res.CAC
Cataluna Regency Dandy - exc 3
Ensor Of Funny Home - exc 4
Brian von Diana's Jagern - exc
Lots Of Love Of the Red Empire - exc
Vicary's Cobalibré - exc
Crawford Flicker Of Hope – very good
Garden Star's Gentleman – very good
Garden Star's Jumbo Jet – very good
Little Boss Of Skyrocket – very good
Luxatori Heritage Da Vinci - good
Denrose Frode - not shown

Between Heaven And Hell Zambi - exc 1, CAC
Garcia Jay Slovak Base – exc 2, res. CAC
Seterday Filip-Lepi – exc 3
Emiro II. Della Mezzaluna – very good 4
M'Eudail The Temptation - not shown

Sumaric Shadow Of Mr. Jingles – exc 1, CAC, Club Winner ’08, BOB, BIS-4
Vicary's Cocorum - exc 2, res.CAC
Garden Star's Double Scotch – exc 3
Sumaric Salazzo – exc 4
Bullo Della Mezza Luna - exc
Juggernaut's Gespo Murphy - exc
Kerrimere Winter Wine - exc
Ardan Of Funny Home - not shown
Karmino Made Fanfan La Tulipe – not shown
Pendoric Hell Razer - not shown

Vicary's Yogibear – exc 1, CAC, veteran BIS-2
Garden Star's Bad Bone – not shown


Rhapsodie Boheme Fleur Delacour - very promising 1
Lambretta Lizi – very promising 2

Summer Spell Red Nokomis – exc 1, HPJ, Junior Clubwinner ’08, Junior BIS-3
Banthi Cinammon's - exc 2
Crawford Happy Days – exc 3
Ginger of Tenbury Wells - exc 4
Kankan of Slovak Base – very good
Matilde della Mezzaluna - very good
Desy Dell'Arrone - not shown
Karmino Made Improvisation – not shown
Thendara Amelie – not shown

Night Witch Red Wonder – exc 1, CAC
Infinity Jay Slovak Base - exc 2, res.CAC
Afrodita My Princess For Contario Ode – exc 3
Come As You Are Zambi - exc 4

Garden Star's Light Yoghurt – exc 1, CAC
Abraka-Dabra of Dearg Mada - exc 2, res.CAC
Crawford Eternal Flame – exc 3
Swedish Design v.h. Adelaarsvaren - exc 4
Contario Ode Woodwind - exc
Cordarragh Joie De Vivre – exc
Garden Star's Laser Light – exc
Garden Star's Lollypop - exc
Shandwick Obsession - exc
Yasmine Degli Angeli Rossi - exc
Blue Butterfly of Dearg Mada - not shown
Erica Dell’Arrone – not shown
Vicary's Fancy Face – not shown

Loving Red Celestial Dea – exc 1, CAC
Dioskury Driada - exc 2, res.CAC
Chardonnay Jay Slovak Base - exc 3
Fuxia Della Mezza Luna - exc 4
Seterday Fiona - exc

Garden Star's Ferrero Rocher – exc 1, CAC, Club Winner ‘08
Brigitte Bardot Degli Angeli Rossi - exc 2, res.CAC
Contario Ode Winconta - exc 3
Love To Please of Skyrocket - exc 4
Sign Of Constancy Freestyle – exc
Sumaric Scarlet O’Hara - exc
Copper's Music And Paws – not shown

Garden Star's Angelic Innocence - exc 1, CAC, veteran BIS
Garden Star's Amberlight – exc 2, res.CAC
Berboss Instant Coffee – not shown

Best In Show results:

BIS Ludstar Resolute (GS)
BIS-2 Ventu at Maris Magenta (ES)
BIS-3 Taxus Dusky Aegle Owl (R/W IS)
BIS-4 Sumaric Shadow of Mr. Jingles (IS)

Junior BIS Pretty Woman of Slow Fox (ES)
Junior BIS-2 Garden Star's Olympic Gold (IS)
Junior BIS-3 Summer Spell Red Nokomis (IS)
Junior BIS-4 Ludstar Yarrowonga (GS)

Veteran BIS Garden Star's Angelic Innocence (IS)
Veteran BIS-2 Vicary's Yogibear (IS)
Veteran BIS-3 Tattersett Stockbroker (ES)

Puppy BIS Blue Jeans Jingle Bell (ES)

Baby BIS Padme Kaladan (GS)
Baby BIS Marisett Magnolia (i think) (ES)

Irish puppies did not stay to the finals :-(

Best Brace: Garden Star's Double Scotch and Garden Star's Lollypop (IS)
Breeders group: kennel Crawford (IS)

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Comment by Melinda Auld on October 5, 2008 at 10:18pm
Congratulations everyone :)
Comment by Monique VIRY on October 6, 2008 at 12:08am
Congratulations all the winner !!!
Comment by Ingrid Noyelle on October 6, 2008 at 1:47am
Hi Laura, thanks for all the results ! Congratulations with Odin, well done !!
Comment by Petra Kasznár on October 6, 2008 at 1:53am
Nagyon rendi vagy, hogy ilyen gyorsan feltetted az eredményeket. Én is köszi!
Comment by Susan Stone on October 6, 2008 at 3:07am
Thanks soooo much, Laura! First at the show with clammy cold fingers, then back home typing all out again for us ES-fidgets:-))
Comment by Alenka Pokorn on October 6, 2008 at 4:35am
Congratulations to everyoneagain. So pleased to see my big favourite was BIS Ludstar Resolute.
Comment by Marta Magi on October 6, 2008 at 4:43am
THANK YOU A LOT LAURA! Much appreciated! I also think you did a great work :-))
Comment by Laura Kolbach on October 6, 2008 at 5:10am
you are all so much welcome (self-sacrificing, hehe). i know how it feels to wait for results you really want to know about :-) so i just had to do this for the irish setter world :-)))


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