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My Daisy started coughing 4 days ago and after taking her to the vets who did a chest x-ray has told me that she has lung cancer and actually wanted to put her to sleep straight away. However she was running round the garden last week and I don't feel that she should go just yet.  Does anyone know of anything that will extend her life without making her suffer?  She has got pain killers and the vet said she has about 2 months maybe.  I've had her 12 years and after loosing my Great Dane last month can't stand the thought of loosing another.

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I'm so very sorry. Such a hard thing to do, but also loving and caring on your part. Cherish your memories.
thinking of you :-(
So sorry Deborah...(my first ever Irish, Sophie, died from the same thing. )my sincere condolences..x..
I am so sorry. Words can express the loss of a beloved companion. You loved them enough to know when it is time to help them through. And we know you did. Maybe your sadness be short and your memories last a lifetime.
So sorry to read your sad news, it is so hard when they go - my thoughts are with you.

Lesley & Hattie
I concur with everything said here. I know only to well of the heartache you are going through. My Molly lost her fight against cancer 18 months ago and as has been said, she will tell you when enough is enough. Until then you know what to do. Just love her as you always have and treat every day as a special one. My thoughts are with you and Daisy. xxx
Hi sorry to hear your sad news. The best thing you can do is stay positive, cherish every day now and Daisy will let you know when she has had enough and is ready to go. JO.XXX
Bless you all - such a gut wrenching decision to make but the right one nonetheless. I hope your happy memories of Daisy shine through this awful time. Run free sweet girl....
So sorry to hear your sad news and my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Xx
So sorry to hear about Daisy thinking of you all
My deepest sympathy for you at this time of great loss and sadness.
Thank you everybody for your kinds words, still expect to see her face every morning but know she isn't suffering anymore. The end came a lot quicker than I had wished for but looking at the old photos of her is comforting. Deborah




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