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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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Thats what happens when I have to sleep on the couch(tiny cottage-3 rooms- so when I have visitors they get the 2 bedrooms!!!) My visitors would not like that big weight on them in the middle of the night!! That would be Megan!!;o) Love the drawing!!
Yet another wonderful drawing from you Ursula, I wish I had the talent!!!!
Blade (Cataluna Texas Wild) our oldest irish at ten and half years old has a place on our bedroom floor to sleep, he lies
down and falls asleep Bev and myself get into our king size bed and fall of to sleep. While we snooze Blade wakes up
and gets on the bed usually in between us both maybe to make sure their is no hanky panky going on.
He is a cheeky boy, but very clever to wait for you both to be asleep before getting in to the bed!;o) So where does "my" Dillan sleep??
Laura the pictures are great and Ursula the drawing wonderful. Thank you Christine for posting this lovely discussion, I have so enjoyed it. It has provided some sweetness and light in between the serious health issues. Kayla has already gone to bed with Ian and is warming up my side of the bed.
Great photos, storys and illustrations!
thats about right
This was where my beloved Tam used to sleep.
yes ,our layla sleeps with us and guess what? roughly 10.30 everynight she barks AND IVE GOT TO GO WITH HER
All stories all very fine. And photos:}}} Laura, your tired Odin looks very, very cute on that cuddly toy!!! Thanks Ursula for wonderful drawing!
Nobody mentioned and I think that everybody should know that old truth about us, but in case if not:
dogowners divides into those who sleeps with their dogs and those who don't admitts to that:))))

I think that bed with dog on/in it looks natural. Recently I bought new bedlinen but oldfasioned, snowywhite, with a lot of embroideries and laces. Befere evening I prepared this new linen in my bedroom and after some time I was looking where is Bajka at home. I don't have to say where she was and honestly I can tell you that red setter in the middle of white linen with red head on my snowywhite pillow sorrounded by laces looks gorgeous. Plastic and colour composition was perfect:))))
Ich habe 5 Setter und alle schlafen im Bett unser Bett ist einfach vergräßert worden auf 3x2m

Gruß Caro




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