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11 years old irish red setter is looking for the new home in Estonia, owner himself took the dog in dos shelter

Dear all,

I am posting this issue also here in hope that somebody has space at home and piece of his heart for one 11 years old Irish red setter and can offer a good home for this arm boy for the rest of his life. Two weeks ago owner himself took 11 years old male Irish red setter in the dogs shelter, explaining that he can not come to right with the dog. Very unbelievable excuse but.... i do not have words regarding this so called owner. On the moment dog is in temporally home but unfortunately he can not stay there for the rest of his life. On the moment we could not indicate any serious problems with the health, back legs are not strong any more, but is acceptable taking into account his age. Enclosed are also some pictures of him. Nobody knows how long he will live but it is wonderful dog, friendly and deserve to live in loving home not in the dogs shelter. In case of any kind of questions please do not hesitate to contact me here or on the E-mail nnatalja@hotmail.com.
I still keep hope that we can find right home for him, nevertheless that he is in such age already. In case home will be offered outside of Estonia I will do my best to bring dog there

With the best greetings and really in hope to find the best solution to this case

Ich schreibe auch gleich auf Deutsch (und entschuldige mich für die Sprachfehler). Vor zwei Wochen eine so genannte Besizer hat seiner 11 Jahrige Irische Setter Rüde in Tierheim gebracht und Erklärung war, dass er kann nicht mehr mit dem Hund zu Recht kommen. Es ist unglaublich als Hund sehr freundlich ist und hat keine Probleme in Benehmung aber hier ist nicht mehr zu kommentieren lieber mit Problem sich beschäftigen. Richtige Zuhause für das Hund schon in diese alter ist sehr schwer zu finden, wenigstens bis hier hat Suche keine Erfolg gebracht und deshalb schreibe ich auch hier als hier sind alle Setters-Freunde und vielleicht hat jemand noch Plaz zu Hause für diese arme. Zurzeit Hund befindet sich in eine Familie aber kann leider da nihct länger bleiben. Falls jemand irgendwelchen Frangen hat ich stehe gerne für Verfügung hier oder per E-mail: nnatalja@hotmail.com

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hope he find a loving home very soon!
Hallo Natalja,

Ich hab mir die Bilder nicht angeschaut - es wuerde mir das Herz brechen. Leider wohnen wir sehr weit voneinander - ungefaehr die halbe Weltkugel....Ich wuensche Dir und dem aelteren Herrn viel viel Glueck, auf dass er ein gutes Zuhause findet, er hat es so sehr verdient.

oh someone please give this dear dog a home where he can spend the rest of his days.he looks a lovely dog .fingers crossed he gets rehomed
Liebe alle,

danke für dass Mitleid und guten Gedanken, ich habe sehr wenig Hoffnug für diese Hund richtige Zuhause in Estland finden. Selbst leider kann ich ihn nicht nehmen, als meine Leben zur Zeit einbischen unstabil ist und fast ich selbst in andere Land umziehen muss nehme ich schon 4 meine Hunde auf jedem Fall mit. Aber konnte jemand in Europa oder Scaninavia in Frage kommen ca 2 000 km per Wagen ist keine Frage, mit dem Flug in diese alter es wäre einbischchen komliziert.

Dear all,

thank you for the compaction and good thoughts, in fact it should be a miracle that he will get new home in Estonia (but lets believe in miracles and they can happen). Unfortunately I myself can not take him as my life is on the moment a little complicated and I do not know yet do I have to move in other country or not, in case I will go I will take my 4 Irish with. But this boy needs stable and peaceful home.
Good luck to you and to this sweet old boy. I just lost two of my girls, ages 13 1/2 and 15, so I have a soft spot in my heart for old doggies. I'm in the US, however, and to put this old pup on a plane would be horrible. I hope someone close to you will come forward and give this old boy a wonderful home for his last years.
Dear all,

thank you for the warm co-thoughts, it helps in real life! Since two days, dog is a in new home and we all hope that this home will become his new home for the rest of his life. The new home (or we hope that this home become new home) is in Estonia.

With the best greetings from Estonia
I really hope he can stay there and be happy for the rest of his life.
Oh that is wonderful news just found this forum and it really upset me to think that someone would just get rid of an old boy that has given the whole of his life to someone, dogs are not disposable when we get one it should be for the whole of the dogs life, not just until you can't be bothered with the old ones. it is such a shame, and I hope that the people that he is with now will love him until he ''goes before'' He deserves it....They all deserve it...
Yes, my fingers too are crossed that the home works out. He certainly deserves to be loved and looked after.
so pleased he has got a new home.hope it will be a permanent move that will let him see out the rest of his life being cared for.good luck doggie
my fingers too are crossed for this nice old Irish, Natasha... It's really awful, when the owner throws the friend, especially at such age... I wish good luck for boy in the new house!
Hello Natasha,
Just popped onto the site, and I am so upset that a person can just discard his Irish Setter like that. With a bit of luck he will be discarded too when he is old. I wish him all the very best in the rest of his years.




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