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I just want to tell you all that I became a grandma of a beautifull grandson his name is Quinn.

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thanks I will
Now this is REAL NEWS:-)) Congratulations!
Many congratulations!!!!!!!!
Gefeliciteerd. Geef hem een Ierse setter! Henk.
ja zoonlief zou wel willen maar zij niet.
In english he would love too but she doesn't.
Is allergick to for dogs, when she is here she sneez all the time
Nou ja later komt Quinn toch voor oma en haar setter. Henk
Ja wie weet wodt het dan Oma hondjes i.p.v. oma Harriet

/ Jenny
Congratualtions Grandma, a new Setter Handler has entered the building/world!

Loma and Red Friends
Huge congratulations to brand new grandma!!!

thank you all for nice gratulations.
Would love to post pictures but the parents do not want any pictures on the internet off him.
Sorry that is their choise.
But they are very proud just like me.
Congratulations !
If everything goes welll, I also will become for the first time a grandma in about 10 days !




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