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There are some people on this plathform wich seem to have some problems with hunting in general and specially with my pictures of duck-hunting - I have read the comments between Frances McKimm and Susan Morris - also some comments about the video of Petra.

When I startet to be member of "Exclusively Setters - Home for Irish Setter Lovers Around the World" I thoughted this would be also for Setter-Lovers which understand the setter as a hunting dog - I undestand me as setter-lover!

But I if I read the dialog (comments) between Frances and Susann I felt not very welcome on this site with telling hunting stories and showing hunting-pictures. Why I'm not worthy to be a Setter-Lover or Setter-breeder if I show some pictures of hunting with my setter? So I started to think about if it is better to open a new NING only for setter lovers which can accept the setter as an hunting dog - for pointing and versatile used hunting-dog.

On the other side I think it would be a shame to go on with seperating here at Exc.Setters the Setter-Lovers in Hunting and Non-Hunting-only-Showing - it would be poor for each side to do not know from the other side - it would be poor for the race also ..

I think to seperate the hunting ones in a special Ning would not be the solution - I hope - so hwo can we solve the problem?

This are my thoughts - sorry - also sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand what I want to express

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Does a line of descent from Shandon still exist in present day dutch or german lines? wrote Susan Stone.

Very faraway. One of his male lines scanned - his son Int Ch Boris von Rosselsteig and grandson VDH Ch Ashley von Konigskreuz. .

Photo Mr. Hesterman with Kamp. Ethlinn O' Cuchulain (winner 1954)

Mr. Hesterman with Kamp. Yoube O' Cuchulain
Thanks for those Hank! I could'nt view pedigree but could be problem with my computer or internet connection(not very fast or reliable!!) Bessy is as pretty as Shandon is handsome;o))
I agree, lovely pictures, beautiful animals and obviously intelligent...I had Hartsbourn/Raycroft lines in the 70's and there was still a 'work' interest in them, but I think that SOME of the modern day dogs (show breed) still have an interest, but probably not many, (I talk of the UK lines). That aside thank you again Wilko and Henk for the lovely pictures. I have seen a picture of a Visla with a full grown Fox in its mouth great achievement for what is a fairly smallish dog. Although they are H.P.R. not just Setters.
Michaela, don’t give up. I really admire your photos and would like to have the possibility to shoot the same. We have hunting dogs and we can’t ignore it.
what i don't like is that people think that a setter is a HUNTING dog. wrote Janssen

Maybe because they have brains so can read. What is in your opinion an Irish Setter?????
Monika, you prefered NOT to answer my questions, what makes you sad. Maybe it is just your typical mood...I wonder.
But this statement above makes me wonder about:
WHY on earth did YOU start your Irish Setter on a HUNTING TEST ???
And furthermore, WHY are your proud, he passed successfully ?

O.K. I have my own interpretation on it, but I would like to hear yours.
Monika, worst kind of love is not understanding a soul of your love. Means dying lifelong.
I also think that the difference is in people... Some feel satisfaction when hunting (killing) and for same of us (like me) photos with for example 8 dead pheasants and irish is just sad... And saying that we have hunting dogs and we have to do it (those who don't are keeping the dog in 4 walls) is strange. The same can say people who have aggressive breeds... Of course I don't compare hunting to dog fights, but don't belive in hunting just for dog pleasure.

In Poland dogs have to pass hunting trials for young dogs, so everyone has to do it. One dog from my Faza litter also passed Hunting Test in Czech Republic. I was very proud but also sad watching the photos. I also see the difference between passing the test to prove dogs ability and hunting (including making lot of photos of dead animals).

By the way I thought that the discussion was about some photos with many ducks and some movie. Where can I find this movie?
Hi Anna!
This whole story started with a video who was added to this side. The video was about a deer who was injured, so one setter and another dog, (Forgot the name of the breed now), were suppose to find this poor animal, for the hunter, I believed so. So that was so shocking when the dogs started to drag and bite in this poor animal, when this so called hunter was filming instead of taking his rifle and end this pain. I am really not sensitive, we have killed many animals here at our farm, but as a real animallover you will do it fast and without stressing the animal, and thats why we never sent our animals away, we did it ourselfes and sold meat for friends. And our cattles had e great life and they died in a safe place. This film vas very bad to look at, If you like to se it ask the one who did put it here.
Now I don't know if I want to see it but on the other hand the movie disapeared and some people are giving their opinions not seeing it...




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