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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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YES, mine are allowed. hm, not only allowed, they HAVE TO :-)))))
Yes mine too. Although I think I sleep in their bed, and often get kicked out, Jas sleeps on the pillow next to me and Saffy at my feet, no, on my feet. They really do make good Hot water bottles....and they stay warm all night. ;0))
Yes with my three daughters nearly all their life here. Not with my sons. We have a guest from Canada here now he sneaks on my bed in case of sleeping somewhat longer at daytime after evening work. But he was born on bed.
No room for Johnny Depp then?
I have 4 setters in the house most of the time!! Recently Milo has been sent out to the kennels at night to keep our special visitor, Cara(his half sister) company! He loves that job! But I dont have enough room on my little bed for the 3 girls so they stay in the living room on the couch! Sometimes Rua keeps me company if I get scared after watching a horror movie or if I'm sick they all get on the bed!! But they all share the couch every evening while I watch the TV and luckily its a big couch!!!
Yes absolutely!!!

We have six dogs, one cat and an extra big bed size 240 centimeters. We also have one ordinary extra bed in our bedroom, so it is usually two of them in that bed but with us always four or more. I couldn´t be without them in bed actually...
Always wake up with Bruno close by me, Cornelia beside my head and Tito licking my face on the other side....

The couch potatoes!! My bit of space is at the end!! This is why they dont share my bed!;o)
Cute photo Carmel!
Comfortable looking couch potatoes!!!!!
Lovely photo of relaxed and contented dogs.
Of Course...............in the day hours they have their hammocks inside/outside but at night....first one in gets best place.....;)))))))





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