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Hi there,

well we have had Memphis nearly four weeks so thought i had better introduce him.

I am certainly not too old!!! He has brought so much joy into our home.

will get some photos of him up as soon if  i figure it all out.

thanks to Marie Blowers for our boy.

cheers Rosie


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Hi Rosie, I see another mischievious setter here.  I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with him.  He's lovely!  cheers, Cheryl
So glad you decided you were not too old Enjoy your new friend.
Little devil - killing the flower pot. Enjoy your boy Rosie!

adorable boy.  Best wishes for years of mischief and fun.


What a lovely yard Memphis will fix for you!  He is adorable .  Enjoy him Rosie and bet you find he keeps you young chasing him for a while,

thanks for all your lovely comments. we love him.

he is also one of the easiest dogs i have trained so focused,  this is after having German Shepherds.

i really get cross when folks call them dumb. this fellow is as sharp as a tack.

cheers Rosie


Hello Memphis!   We told you that you weren't too old, Rosie!.....Didn't we!

you sure did and you were so right.

thankyou all for giving me the encouragement to get another one. best thing we ever did.

just been to training today fantastic, he has great focus. the way he bounces on the furniture though after the cats i am not sure if he knows he is an Irish Setter!!

cheers Rosie


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - keen gardener Ha Ha - looks like you'll have LOTS of fun - he's lovely !!

What a wonderfull pup on a very good picture ..

Wish you many happy years together..



Wonderful gardener and cute and sweet and everything that a setter baby can be. Wishing you much fun together.

just lovely enjoy x





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