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Does anyone know if the Kennel Club (UK) have any restrictions on how many litters can be registered for a bitch in a 12 month period.  I always thought there was but I have looked on the website and cannot find anything written about it.  I know some of the breed clubs (if not all of them) have it written in their Code Of Ethics.  The reason I am asking is the latest Breed Record Supplement is showing an Irish Setter bitch having a litter on 16th April 2011 and another on 30th December 2011 so only 8 and a half months apart and obviously mated on consecutive seasons.

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Aleksandra you said Belgium but don't you want to say poland ?

 A few years ago I complained to the KC of a 'breeder' who was continually breeding from his bitch,.I was told there were no regulations to stop this.

Sadly, I think it is down to the compassion of the owner of the bitch. But there most certainly should be restrictions on, not only, two litters being registered in a year but also how many litters can be registered full stop from each bitch. I personally will not breed from my girls more than twice and if I can manage them only having one litter than that is even better :-) 

Joanne, In the UK from 1st January this year bitches are restricted to 4 litters in their lifetime. 

I really wish Australasia would catch up with the rest of the world. No required testing in NZ, no limits on litters. My dogs are my babies so I am happy to test etc and do not like having too many litters of puppies. It seems the UK system is now becoming a very good one. 

Dogs Victoria registered breeders Irish Setters; minimum age 18 months, not more than 2 whelps per 18 months not more than 6 times in lifertime without vet certification of fitness for further breeding and VCA approval.

Sorry Rhonda, Victoria is obviously ahead of us in terms of ethics etc. I just wish the NZKC would start to implement such criteria.

Each state has their own so no apologies needed. NSW's doesn't seem to be as regulated. I know there is also a difference in the ability to show bitches in whelp also. Tighter here, which cause some interest when you try to apply the rules as a club secretary.

Queensland's (CCCQ) rules in respect of breeding: 

i.  shall not breed from any bitch kept or owned causing it to whelp before it has reached the age for that particular breed as specified by the ANKC or in the absence of such specification, the age of twelve months;

ii.shall not breed from any bitch kept or owned causing it to whelp more than twice in eighteen months;

iii. shall not breed any bitch kept or owned causing it to whelp more than (4) four times without prior veterinary certification of fitness for further breeding. This certification must also be forwarded to the CCC(Q) for each subsequent mating.

iv. shall not breed from any male dog under (9) nine months of age;

v. shall not mate my bitch or dog to a close relative ie mother / son, father / daughter or brother / sister and that puppies as a result of these matings will not be registered without first gaining pre-approval from the CCC(Q) for the mating for scientifically proven welfare or veterinary reasons

iv and v are interesting Cheryl. Will have to look close at Dogs Vic and ANKC.

I agree.  I wonder what rules NSW has.  They should follow Queenslands.

I'm currently beginning to make plans for my next puppy, and I have noticed a breeder, I was previously interested in, has bred two litters from the same bitch within 9 months. I have taken this as an indication of their ethics, and I'm no longer interested.

It's not like our breed has small litters, surely our bitches deserve a couple of years off when they've put everything into producing 10 or more puppies at a time. One has to wonder what the motivation is.............


Dawn R.






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