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I'm quite curious as to how all the members use their dogs? I must confess that I am a horseback field trialler and the dogs I campaigned ran in FDSB trials sanctioned by the American Field. Are their any other members of Exclusive Setters involved in the same way?
Are their any subscribers to the American Field? Are their any members involved in any kind of field activity with their red dogs?

R.J. Schweiger

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British Show dogs here. Although I have to say their main job is as family pets.
My dogs are mainly family dogs with the occasional show and some gundog training when I have the time....but you should check out Susan Stone' blogs....she does EVERYTHING with hers and gets top awards too!
I use my dog to keep me active and young. We hike two miles each day and play chuck it and frizbee. He is just a companion dog who thinks the world is his oyster.
Ah trials on horseback, good memories of them!!! And the person renting horses, she was a Mohawk indian her name meaning Sunset above the river great contact with her horse. Your question - companions for a large family here first. For the rest everything you can do with them including visiting the bar together but field first (hunt, field trial). NO shows - I prefer fresh noses for me and setters in rare spare time.
the first horse i ever had contact with as a little kid was called Mohawk :-) she was a black beauty.
I don't own a red dog at this time but plan on adding one to my string soon. I do own four English setters. Two of them are trialed on the Cover Dog trial circuit and we do run some US Complete trials.
Hi there!

Our two irish setters are family pets. We are together to share our passion for beach life and speed. I am a runner, and they love to run after the seagulls. So we jog along the beach - of course at their pace, because they are still young (9 months old) and I don't want to to ruin their joints. They are faster than I anyway....

Then we swim, we play ball, and maybe down the track, Gina would be happy to do some Agility. But we are not that competitive. Wait and see...

Does that help?
Kind setter-greetings

My four setters and one german shepherd are first and foremost family pets. Those who dont go to the shows(Milo and Luka)get the same love and attention!! We are an equal opportunity family;o)) I have done agility with Megan, a little bit of agility with Milo(he didnt really like it) I go for long walks with them and they keep me sane! Milo, Rua and Abbey are very interested in birds! Megan seems to keep her nose to the ground constantly checking ground scent(tracking I suppose!!) And when I want to go for a quiet, relaxed walk, I take Luka(gsd) on his own!
I show one of mine and compete in agility with the other, I also compete in cani-cross (cross country running with dogs attached) I always wanted to work them but never found anyone who could help me out with the training,
can you tell more on cross country running claire? what working do you mean - field trialling?

cross country running with dogs is known as cani-cross, it derived from skijoring which I believe is quite popular with huskies in snowy climates. It is becoming quite big over here in the UK see www.canix.co.uk I believe it is already popular in europe. I will put some photos up of the running but bascially the dogs wear x-back harnesses and you wear a special belt, they are attached to you via a bungee lead. The runs are usually 5-6km but once a year we take part in a half marathon which is 13 miles. My two love it and really go for it, they focus completely, I have to slow them up to go down hill otherwise they are likely to pull me over !!

The working I meant was field trialling.
Not only the dogs look focused!!!!!!!




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