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Hi, Just wondering how many of you use a crate for your setter and if so, for how long. Reuben (now 5 months) has used his crate since day 1 and we have had no problems. He also has a bed in the lounge and tends to now spend time on that when we are home as obviously he likes to be with the family and is banned from the sofa (much to his disgust, haha). He sleeps in his crate at night and the only time I shut the door is night time and when he is home alone. If he is really tired ie, after a walk, he tends to go to his crate and it is definitely his comfort den.
But i am just curious to hear what other people do and how on earth anyone manages without one, especially now Reuben is teething and wants to eat everything!!!

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I have used a crate for each of my setters and agree that I don't know how people manage without one. The length of time depends on the dog and as long as they are happy going in it then let them use it. I have had a youngster loose in the house while I went to a work for a few hours that didn't touch anything and I have had others that would eat anything and everything. I have one now who at 12 months old was very good but now at 18 months has started pinching and chewing things up again so she goes in her crate when I am away from house and she can't be with me, however she is loose at night and is not a problem.
I never used a crate for my girl. When she was a puppy I played a lot with her, gave her plenty of toys and she never destroyed anything in the house. Of course she wanted to play a lot, so I used a feeding ball to keep her busy. She brought the ball to me when it was empty.
I love crates!!! My older girl Rua was never in a crate as a puppy(she didnt need one) but she was still happy in a crate at shows or later in her life when necessary!! She took to it very easily! Her pups Milo, Megan and Abbey have all been crated as puppies for house training purposes, or if bitches in heat etc!! Abbey still sleeps in her crate at night at 17 months or if I am away for a few hours(for her safety) Cara at almost 3 years also sleeps in a very large soft crate at night to keep things calm(4 bitches together can be too much at night!!) But they all love their crates and when you have 5 setters in the house they are very usefull!!;o))
Bailey has a large crate which he has used since he first came home at 8 weeks of age. The door is closed at night or when we are out. The rest of the time the door is left open and he comes and goes as he pleases. It is his space and refuge and although it is very large and our kitchen is very small I think it will remain. Bailey is 2 years old now!

Our older boy Ryan sometimes steals the bedding but never gets in it, he has never had a crate, but he sleeps upstairs next to my bed anyway!

I would recommend a crate to anyone, it makes life so much easier especially when they are babies and they want to chew everything.
Crates are for a lifetime of comfort and safety. I'm down to just two Setters, but I have five crates. Two for regular daily use at home, two always in my SUV, and one "visitor" crate.

Although my dogs are never loose in the car, I learned the hard way about the safety issue - one day I had only one dog in one crate and when some idiot came head-on into my lane I had no choice but to swerve severely and ended up half in a deep ditch. The one crate that I had actually tipped completely over on its side and the puppy (just about 4 months old at the time) was given a real shake-up. Now, I keep both travel crates in the vehicle to balance each other out and keep them upright.

Londa Warren, Edmond, OK
Wow, so crates are really of great benefit. I sometimes feel a bit guilty about but now I definitely don't - thank you everyone for sharing your experiences.
I currently have a crate for Reuben that is the 36" one and will be replacing this one with an extra large one as he is growing very quickly and will be in the crate for some time yet I think.
Carmel - wow five setters, that is a full house! How do you cope with all this wet weather and muddy paws???
And sorry for all the questions but what is the longest you have left your dog in a closed crate ie, when out? I have done up to a max of 4hrs, which I believe is about normalish. This is not everyday as I am lucky and don't work but there are times when we are out in evening or if I have gone xmas shopping or something.
I took reuben out for a walk this morning, came back at 10.am and he is still asleep in his crate now (12.54pm). He's popped out once to see the cat and then hopped back in to his crate!
Gosh Londa, I am glad your little pup was okay after his car fright. We have a harness in the car for Reuben as we need a new car with room to put him in the back. Poor little fellow suffers with car sickness at the mo and dribbles constantly throughout the entire journey. I will be glad when he grows out of that.
My Irish have all used crates as pups,as I work 4 hours a day, they have vet-bedding in, water, food and a couple of safe toys, even when the door is open they ofen get in for a snooze..(older ones as well) I use a fabric cage at Open shows when taking more than 1,also in my car I have a huge fitted cage for safe travelling, the house cage is usually folded away when they are about 18 months old and have learnt their manners.....But .when my daughters young pup comes for a sleep over ..out comes the cage and there is then a race wth my girls as to who can get in first,,,
I think it is nice that they are happy to go in a cage... as if some-one is poorly/ in season or needs to be kept quiet or still due to ill-ness or accident this is an ideal solution and does*nt cause added stress.....It is a quiet safe space,,,,Hope this is help full.........Sue
Arrh, What lovely pictures barbara, they look adorable!!!!
We also have found a crate a great safety tool. I would be afraid to leave a teething puppy home without that security. I had a friend years ago who's uncrated lab pup chew thru an electrical cord. They came home to a dead puppy and that has haunted me forever! I was lucky that our last two dogs were not chewers once they got their adult teeth and bascially stay in bed when I am at work. My dogs also are never left more than 4 hours and if it is longer then I am lucky to have a part time job that allows me to stop home if needed. Over the summer my son is out of school and he handles the dog and if I have to work a longer day I plan it on my husbands day off. I purposely work a job that allows me to schedule my own hours around the dog in our life. My last two dogs were out of a crate by 7 months roughly because they proved themselves to be non destructive and basically couch potatoes while I was gone. But that is because I tire the heck out of them. A tired dog is a good dog!
When my dogs have had to go to the vets and had to stay in for a few hours or all day I am always told how good they are and I am sure the dogs that cry and fret find it a problem because they are caged for the first time in their lives and are not used to it. So that's another good reason to get them used to one.
I would like to add though that I have had two youngsters pull nails out by catching them in the bottom metal lip as they came out of the cage. Therefore I always keep a folded up towel or a piece of vetbed over that lip to prevent it happening again. It caused a lot of pain, bled terribly and needed anti biotics for quite a while as it healed and the new nail started to grow
Thank you for the tip Angela re: the bottom metal lip. The duvet in Reuben's cage kind of covers the bottom, so hopefully he will not catch his nail.




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